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  • Dream Alley

    Dream Alley

    By Rousha Rudgar @ Tehran

  • Cibernàrium Technology Training

    Cibernàrium Technology Training

    By Metropolis, the World Association of the Major Metropolises - Cibernarium - Barcelona Activa @ Barcelona

  • Walking together

    Walking together

    By Metropolis - The World Association of the Major Metropolises; Amputats Sant Jordi; Gouvernement d'Abidjan; City of Barcelona: Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Women and Civil Rig @ Abidjan


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1562Dream Alley INDIGREE035.69621651.42294500000003<p>Taking care of &quot;Trees&quot; in Tehran.</p> <p>I took this photo very suddenly and if feels like &quot;wow, wish all alleys were like this in Tehran&quot; it shows life. A tree can give a quarter meaning, it can be the cause of collective memories. It can change the air of the society. I missed the old days of streets and quarters in Tehran. I though maybe conserving these trees would help to rebuilt the open areas in it&#39;s true meaning. I invite all citizens to take pictures of these remained green areas to show others or organizations to take care of them and approach another strategies to develop the city. Today, we all know that conserving green areas will help the urban life to transfer to sustainability. I think this alley has the potential to be sustainable through it&#39;s one only tree!</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0023-10-2013 19:54:54Rousha Rudgar562-dream-alleyVivirrojerosha.rudgar@gmail.comTehranTehran, Tehrān, Iran
2561Cibernàrium Technology TrainingASSOPROD041.38506392.1734034999999494<p>Cibern&agrave;rium is a technology training center of a public scope targeted at professionals from any sector, businesspeople and/or small businesses keen to improve their technological know-how. Metropolis, as an organization that fosters innovation among large cities and promotes the mutual learning of urban experiences, will promote the Cibern&agrave;rium knowledge and methodology among its cities network.</p> <p>As a space for training in ICTs, Cibern&agrave;rium is a powerful tool for social cohesion and for improving job possibilities, which can contribute to promoting the economic structuring of urban areas across the world.</p>  http://www.metropolis.org/initiatives/cibernarium-technology-train@metropolis_orgwww.facebook.com/metropolis.org2-9-2013 0:00:001-9-2014 0:00:0022-10-2013 15:05:08Metropolis, the World Association of the Major Metropolises - Cibernarium - Barcelona Activa 561-cibernrium-technology-trainingHelenehjourdan@metropolis.orgBarcelonaBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
3557Walking togetherASSOINCL05.336317999999999-4.0277509999999666<p>This Metropolis Initiative proposes improving social care for persons with physical or functional disabilities or organic disorder in Metropolis member cities which face a post-disaster context (e.g. armed conflict, natural disaster) and high risks of social exclusion.</p> <p>The first recipient city will be Abidjan, which will harness the knowledge of the Sant Jordi Amputats Association from Barcelona to establish the infrastructure required to develop an orthotics and prosthetics center of its own, as a benchmark for Africa.</p>  http://www.metropolis.org/initiatives/walking-together@metropolis_orghttps://www.facebook.com/metropolis.org26-9-2013 0:00:0026-9-2014 0:00:0021-10-2013 12:00:58Metropolis - The World Association of the Major Metropolises; Amputats Sant Jordi; Gouvernement d'Abidjan; City of Barcelona: Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Women and Civil Rig557-walking-togetherHelenehjourdan@metropolis.orgAbidjanAbidjan, Lagunes, Ivory Coast
4556“Colombia: a better off country, only if Education is totally transformed to beat all obstacles and go beyond all thinkable boundaries"INDIOTHE011-74.53<p>During the last 2 decades Colombia has gone through lots of changes to become a much better country, free of misery, free of conflicts, free of any kind of risks. In the year 2006, private and public sector traced a vision for the year 2032 for Colombia to be counted among the three first most important latinamerican economies being part of the OCDE.</p> <p>We have advanced on certain topics and components, but the relevant attention to educational changes from the base has not been paid; the way it has to be. Schools are not deploying and executing national policies, not because they do not want to; but because there are lots of structural problems unsolved yet that need to be focused.</p> <p>Schools principals are called to align schools policies and projects to the existing ones locally, regionally and nationally. When this happens, combined with internal and external cooperation, a more powerful energy than the one contained on an atomic bomb is deployed. Colombia may be in the next 10 years in the first ones only if we step hard on the throttle of our economy, which lies on Education.</p>  www.fjcisneros.edu.co@wilmanperez 2-1-2006 0:00:0030-11-2018 0:00:0021-10-2013 3:03:58WILMAN ENRIQUE PÉREZ BENITEZ556-colombia-a-better-off-country-only-if-education-is-totally-transformed-to-beatWILMAN ENRIQUE PEREZ BENITEZwilmanperez@gmail.comPuerto ColombiaPuerto Colombia, Atlántico, Colombia
5555Semana del Urbanista 2013ASSOPLAN019.3-98.13<p>Quinta edici&oacute;n de la Semana del Urbanista, Celebrando el 20 aniversario del Colegio de Urbanismo y Dise&ntilde;o Ambiental de la Facultad de Arquitectura de la BUAP. Con conferencias Magistrales de: *Christian del Castillo *DRA. EFTYCHIA D. BOURNAZOU MARCOU *Jose Antonio Lino Mina *Rodrigo D&iacute;az *Sara Topelson *Gabriel Quadri Edificio Carolino, del 4 al 8 de Noviembre</p>  www.su2013.anedup.org.mx https://www.facebook.com/SemanaDelUrbanista4-11-2013 0:00:008-11-2013 0:00:0021-10-2013 0:29:25Asociacion Nacional de Estudiantes de Diseño Urbanismo y Planeación (ANEDUP)555-semana-del-urbanista-2013ANEDUPanedup_puebla@hotmail.comH.Puebla de ZaragozaH.Puebla de Zaragoza
6554Community Development and Environmental Sustainability to End Poverty in XochimilcoNGOOGREE019.2572314-99.10296640000001<p>Laguna del Toro is a community situated in a Protected Natural Area in Xochimilco, Mexico City, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. This community has a high level of poverty and is made up of about 80 families. A few years ago, these families began to become aware of the environmental impact caused by their presence and they decided to take measures in order to become a sustainable community and, as a consequence, to get better development opportunities. TECHO-M&eacute;xico decided to help the community along the way of sustainability. For this purpose, volunteers of TECHO have been providing them with community development tools such as concrete projects of education, infrastructure, environment and social cohesion.</p>  http://www.techo.org/mexico/@TECHOmxhttp://www.facebook.com/TECHOmexico17-10-2013 0:00:0017-10-2014 0:00:0016-10-2013 22:02:51TECHO Mexico554-community-development-and-environmental-sustainability-to-end-poverty-in-xochimDulce Colindulce.colin@techo.orgXochimilcoXochimilco, México, Mexico
7553Thessaloniki otherwisePRIVPROD040.6346925137778422.9440485005249<p>An urban experiment in progress. The idea of the act &ldquo;Thessaloniki otherwise&rdquo; ensued in 2010 from the need to organize a dissimilar celebration for the 20 years of free press parallaxi. Since then a series of 27 actions with innovative character have distinguished and proposed a different face of a city with a vast historical and multicultural tradition and a glorious past, prompting the escape from the city&#39;s traumatic stagnation, defeatism and withdrawal that currently describe it. Interventions of cultural, architectural, social and environmental character, have transformed a big part of Thessaloniki&#39;s urban area into a real hotbed of ideas and proposals.</p> <p>All these happen within the framework of a giant-sized synergy and co-operation between disparate forces, indicating the city&#39;s desire for extroversion and development. The actions are materialized by a creative group of people from diverse backgrounds, and they are carried out thanks to hundreds of volunteers. Our team has intervened 27 times in minor and major problems of the city, reforming from the port and the forest, to the State Conservatory and damaged bridges. In essence, the team of &ldquo;Thessaloniki in an Other Way&rdquo; is the largest collaboration of creative groups, institutional authorities, private initiatives and volunteers that has ever been made in Thessaloniki.</p> youtubeA6GBEK_ZnnYhttp://www.parallaximag.gr/allios@SKGallioshttps://www.facebook.com/thessalonikiallios1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0015-10-2013 12:05:16parallaxi magazine553-thessaloniki-otherwiseThalia Rizouthalia.rizou@gmail.comThessalonikiThessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
8548No houses in KuwaitNGOOINCL029.3697221999999947.97833330000003<p>We are a local activist that have gathered to pressure the government to sell land more quickly. The government of Kuwait controls all the land and officials are acting slowly and not releasing enough land to meet increasing demand. There are a total of 200,000 families and 107,000 are registering on housing authority waiting list. Waiting time to buy land could last 20 years. In the meantime, housing supply is fixed. Now, the average house costs about $1,000,000. It is too expensive for middle and low income families. There is plenty of land but the government is not focusing on the issue and lost its focus because of political tensions. On October 7th, a group called Na6er Bait, which means waiting for a house in the Arabic language organized a pen collecting initiatives. Volunteers brought pens that are planted on a board that will be giving to prime minister to encourage him to sign contracts and start housing projects quickly.</p> youtubehhX3ZBX1WLEhttps://sites.google.com/site/na6erbait/tv@na6er_baithttps://sites.google.com/site/na6erbait/7-10-2013 0:00:007-10-2013 0:00:0013-10-2013 17:35:11@na6er_bait548-no-houses-in-kuwaiteid alshihrieidalshihri@gmail.comKuwait CityKuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait
9547Ciudadanos InnovadoresASSOPROD025.32-103.26<p>Realizaremos un Foro Nacional de Jovenes&nbsp;Laguna&nbsp;Innovadora 2013 en el cual tendremos conferencistas de todo el pais el objetivo del foro es que se tengan una practica en campo que se puedan realizar acciones innovadora y creativas.</p> youtubeSTXIuXNau_4www.lagunainnovadora.org@lagunainnovahttp://facebook.com/lagunainnovadora1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0011-10-2013 21:18:29LAGUNA INNOVADORA A.C547-ciudadanos-innovadoresHECTOR ALFAROhectoralfaro@lagunainnovadora.orgTorreon Coahuila MexicoTorreon Coahuila Mexico
10546Build houses more quicklyNGOOPLAN029.3697221999999947.97833330000003<p>We are a local activist that have gathered to pressure the government to sell land more quickly. The government of Kuwait controls all the land and officials are acting slowly and not releasing enough land to meet increasing demand. There are a total of 200,000 families and 107,000 are registering on housing authority waiting list. Waiting time to buy land could last 20 years. In the meantime, housing supply is fixed. Now, the average house costs about $1,000,000. It is too expensive for middle and low income families. There is plenty of land but the government is not focusing on the issue and lost its focus because of political tensions. On October 7th, a group called Na6er Bait, which means waiting for a house in the Arabic language organized a pen collecting initiatives. Volunteers brought pens that are planted on a board that will be giving to prime minister to encourage him to sign contracts and start housing projects quickly.</p>  sites.google.com/na6erbait/tv@na6er_bait 7-10-2013 0:00:007-10-2013 0:00:0011-10-2013 15:57:38Na6er Bait - Waiting for a House Campaign546-build-houses-more-quicklyEid AlShihri Kuwait CityKuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait
11545Enviomental concertFRIEGREE0-1.366666736.83333330000005<p>This is an environmental concert organized once every year which focuses on spreading the massage of environmental conservation among young people through music and entertainment through other forms of art.</p>  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Green-Festival https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Green-Festival8-12-2013 0:00:008-12-2013 0:00:0011-10-2013 0:15:47zinduka youth group545-enviomental-concertjackson machariaexocashbiz@gmail.comNairobiNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
12542Waiting for a HouseNGOOINCL029.3697221999999947.97833330000003<p>We are organizing an advocacy group to make government build house more quickly. This is an event of collecting pens to make officials build 12,000 housing units a year. We have been working since November 2011. We are making weekly presence at housing ministry. Our goal is that housing supply meets demand so that housing prices are stabilized. We have met government officials to encourage.</p>  Http://site.google.com/site/na6erbait/tv@na6er_bait 7-10-2013 0:00:007-10-2013 0:00:0010-10-2013 16:38:11Na6er Bait - Waiting for a House542-waiting-for-a-houseEid AlShihriEidalshihri@gmail.comKuwait CityKuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait
13539Architecture by RoadASSOPLAN043.6107693.8767159999999876<p>FR// Architecture by Road est le projet de trois amis passionn&eacute;s et voyageurs. Deux d&rsquo;entre eux, jeunes architectes ont cherch&eacute; &agrave; lier leurs ambitions communes pour questionner leurs propres visions de l&rsquo;architecture. Tous les trois s&rsquo;interrogent et font le constat que l&rsquo;architecture est entr&eacute;e dans une p&eacute;riode de mutations, o&ugrave; les enjeux &eacute;conomiques, sociaux et &eacute;cologiques changent et deviennent de v&eacute;ritables sujets pour penser l&rsquo;architecture de demain, en r&eacute;ponse aux architectures g&eacute;n&eacute;riques qui ont construit le XXe si&egrave;cle. Ils proposent alors de r&eacute;aliser une s&eacute;rie de 38 portraits d&rsquo;Habitat entre architectures contemporaines et traditionnelles &agrave; travers un voyage de deux ans autour du monde. Chercher et mettre &agrave; l&rsquo;honneur des architectures &eacute;loign&eacute;es de l&rsquo;uniformisation, et contextualis&eacute;es.</p> youtubeWqemUIADztMwww.architecturebyroad.com@abroad_projecthttps://www.facebook.com/architecturebyroad1-1-2014 0:00:0031-12-2016 0:00:007-10-2013 11:39:09à la bonne échelle539-architecture-by-roadAntoine Duboisantoine@architecturebyroad.comMontpellierMontpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
14536Celebrating World Habitat DayEDUCSAFE0-1.366666736.83333330000005<p>The Centre for Social Justice and Ethics of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Langata Campus) Nairobi will be celebrating the World Habitat Day on the Afternoon (2pm- 5pm EAT) of October 7th 2013 at Jubilee Hall Auditorium. The Speakers will be Pireh Otieno from UN-Habitat and Jagi Gakunju from Africa Bicycle Network...</p>     7-10-2013 0:00:007-10-2013 0:00:0030-9-2013 17:12:05Centre for Social Justice and Ethics of Catholic University of Eastern Africa536-celebrating-world-habitat-dayRichard Kakeetorkakeeto@cuea.eduNairobiNairobi
15535Celebrating World Habitat DayEDUCSAFE0-1.366666736.83333330000005<p>The Centre for Social Justice and Ethics of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Langata Campus) Nairobi will be celebrating the World Habitat Day on the Afternoon (2pm- 5pm EAT) of October 7th 2013 at Jubilee Hall Auditorium. The Speakers will be Pireh Otieno from UN-Habitat and Jagi Gakunju from Africa Bicycle Network.</p>     7-10-2013 0:00:007-10-2013 0:00:0030-9-2013 17:05:48Centre for Social Justice and Ethics of Catholic University of Eastern Africa535-celebrating-world-habitat-dayRichard Kakeetorkakeeto@cuea.eduNairobiNairobi, Langata area, Kenya
16534Nairobi International Festival of Arts - NIFA ASSOPROD0-1.366666736.83333330000005<p>Nairobi International Festival of Arts NIFA aim at turning Nairobi City into a World Leading Art, Culture and Sporting City, attracting over 1 Million Local and International Tourists, Artists and Sports Personalities annually, thus, unifying world communities and creating job opportunities and empowerment to Amateur and Professional Artists through NIFA, one of Artist Forum International AFI&rsquo;s Kenyan Art Development Programme project. NIFA Strategic Plan will see it create a minimum of 15,000 jobs through its BPO Unit working in partnership with TechReel Solution and 365 MEC Agency in 5 years and 250,000 jobs under KADP Going Forward.</p>  http://artistforuminternational.kbo.co.ke/home, http://nairobiinternationalfestivalofarts.kbo.co.ke/@7th_NIFA2013 https://www.facebook.com/groups/nifa.afi/1-12-2013 0:00:0021-12-2013 0:00:0026-9-2013 19:04:33Artist Forum International534-nairobi-international-festival-of-arts-nifaPoet J. Ammbbaassaah DEJUOLSartistforuminternational@artlover.comNairobiNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
17533Rethinking Los Dos LaredosPUBLRESI0200<p>Rebranding the Border is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of Laredo, Texas. Rebranding the Border, as an organization, focuses on utilitizing the power of numbers, coupled with the energy of youth, to rebuild the USA/Mexico border region. Through innovative projects and strong bi-national collaboration, RTB, Rebranding the Border, aims to pave the way for a better future for the border town region, its residents, and its unique and endearing culture. Currently one of the projects that Rebranding the Border is working on is improving the city&#39;s volunteer infrastructure.</p> <p>Due to the historic border violence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, the volunteer infrastructure in Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico has suffered. Through the creation of a website that hosts information regarding volunteer opportunities, on both sides of the border, Rebranding the Border hopes to increase collaboration and increase volunteer activity in both cities. To learn more about the organization or to find volunteer opportunities visit our temporary home on the web: www.rebrandingtheborder.wordpress.com.</p>  www.rebrandingtheborder.wordpress.comrtblaredoshttp://www.facebook.com/rebrandingtheborder1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0022-9-2013 9:44:45Rebranding the Border533-rethinking-los-dos-laredosJonathan Gutierrezjonathangutierreztx@gmail.comLaredoLaredo, Texas, USA
18531The Revolutionary OptimistsNGOOSAFE022.571475688.35045650000006<p>The vision of a couple of committed individuals germinated in the slums of Kolkata in 1996 and led to the creation of Prayasam, an organisation which today reaches out to a million children. With a dozen years of experience working with children from both mainstream and marginalized communities, Prayasam has established itself as a regional expert in child rights, particularly the right to participation.</p> <p>Our work stems from the conviction that children possess the potential to transform their local communities by assuming the role of change agents. Through interactive workshops and trainings we are mobilizing group formation with children in diverse, neglected pockets of West Bengal, ranging from slums in the heart of Kolkata to peripheral brick kilns in the city&rsquo;s outskirts.</p> <p>Prayasam&rsquo;s innovative work in child participation won its founder, Amlan Kusum Ganguly, the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship in 2006. More recently, Amlan was invited to present his concept at the Global Summit on Urban Population Health by the Rockefeller Foundation in Bellagio, Italy for his innovative solutions to urban health problems in slum areas. This past year, Amlan was selected as a public health leader to be profiled in Revolutionary Optimists, a documentary film project headed by Stanford University.</p> vimeo24903312 http://revolutionaryoptimists.org/blog/making-effort-shibasish-ghosh http://revolutionaryoptimists.org/ http://vimeo.com/23889894 http://www.technet21.org/index.php/forum/technet21/generwww.prayasam.org  Salt Lake City Prayasam1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:005-9-2013 9:30:02Salt Lake City Prayasam531-the-revolutionary-optimistsamlan gangulyprayasam1996KolkataKolkata, Bengal, India
19530India Youth FundNGOOINCL019.075983772.87765590000004<p>The India Youth Fund is part of the Global Urban Youth Fund by the UN-HABITAT Governing Council that has so far awarded grants to 67 projects led by young people from all over the world. The India Youth Fund Window is a joint initiative by UN-HABITAT and NSF that aims at advancing youth empowerment in India through the provision of small grants upto INR 8 Lakhs to youth-led organizations in addition to training in functional areas of sustainable project development. In addition, the project coordinators are trained in project management, financial management and monitoring and evaluation in the Asian regional training session for the Urban Youth Fund. Focus Areas: The Indian chapter of the Urban Youth Fund calls for applications from NGOs and youth groups across India working on any of the following focus areas with a special focus on the youth: i) Urban Land, Legislation and Governance; ii) Urban Planning and Design; iii) Urban Economy; iv) Urban Basic Services; v) Access to Health Information and Facilities; vi) Housing and Slum Upgrading; vii) Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation; viii) Research and Capacity Development</p>  http://www.nsfoundation.co.in/india_youth_fund.html  https://www.facebook.com/IndiaYouthFund1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-9-2013 7:32:53Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation & UN-Habitat530-india-youth-fundShruti Menonshruti.menon@nsfoundation.co.in MumbaiMumbai, Mahārāshtra, India
20527#FatumasVoiceASSORESI0-1.345516536.79714839999997<p>#FatumasVoice is a figurative gesture for a platform whereby young people meet to talk about the evils happening in the society and how they could solve them, their hopes for the future, their life experiences as well as networking hence expanding their social circles. We do this through poetry, live music, motivational talks, and open forum discussions where people air their views on a certain chosen topic of the day.</p> <p>Our purpose for holding this event is to encourage young people like us to know how to express themselves, earn their self-esteem, improve their talents, be responsible citizens and to make them understand the value of networking. We realized that young people do not really get the truth about life in their homes, nor in the churches or mosques, nor in politics or their social quotas nor in themselves. We had to think of something that will bring them together to talk about important things that will help them mature. So far the bigger bunch of our audience are budding artists. As we grow, we are already having people from the working class trickling in.</p> <p>#FatumasVoice is a weekly event that happens on every Friday from 4pm-7pm. We receive moral support from a few people like Churchill Winstones and Bonnie Kim, who mentor us. We are very encouraged with the impact and progress that this event has made and we only hope that it goes to higher heights.</p> <p>Here are the photo links to the previous sessions:</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.568879929824812&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.561279520584853&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.561285497250922&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.561282243917914&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.561987300514075&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.563593773686761&amp;type=1</p> <p>https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.565866683459470&amp;type=1</p> <p>Just in case you would like to contact us (Kenyan Poets Lounge) directly, please find us on 0722 535 035 | 0722 790 479.</p>  www.fatumasvoice.org@poetryhubkenyahttp://www.facebook.com/kenyanpoetslounge1-9-2013 0:00:0031-12-2013 0:00:0027-8-2013 13:28:47#FatumasVoice527-fatumasvoiceKenyan Poets Loungejambo@kenyanpoetslounge.comNairobiNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
21524Enjoy our city as us we do itINDIPROD011.2419444-74.20527779999998<p>We improve our city through free and friendly maps that help and invite the visitor to explore our magical city with a formidable historical, cultural and natural wealth. We believe that the city improves when we guide visitors with our free guide maps in a clear, sincere and friendly way so that they can enjoy the city in a comfortable and secure way.</p> <p>To the extent that we shared with visitors all the things we have to offer in our city, we support the local small entrepreneurs to promote their products and services and support trade and cultural exchange for the construction of an open and competitive city.</p>  http://guiacosmica.com@guiacosmicahttp://www.facebook.com/guiacosmica1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-8-2013 15:39:57Cósmica524-enjoy-our-city-as-us-we-do-itLuis Delgadoguiacosmica@gmail.comSanta MartaSanta Marta, Magdalena, Colombia
22522Smatter 999 Control Room in KenyaINDISAFE0-1.1736.49<p>I am creating a system that ensures rapid call control and dispatch of police in case of emergency call in the 999 control room. The system is 95% done, I have presented to three Kenya Police Personnel and they have assured me the system is state-of-the-art. I am planning to finish it but I don&#39;t know how to reach the relevant personnel. I have tried emailing, delivering a letter for an appointment to showcase the software but in vain but that wont stop me from finishing this system!</p> <p>The system has three interfaces:&nbsp;</p> <p>1. Control Room Interface:- This section allows a staff to record &amp; update emergency cases as calls stream in, view relevant data on the emergency and forward to his/her supervisor.</p> <p>2. Supervisor Interface:- This section shows a list of emergency calls that have been recorded by the staff and current status e.g. new, dispatched to site, arrived to site, situation handled, Code red. A Supervisor can dispatch a police unit to respond to the recorded Emergency or simply approve a dispatch.</p> <p>3. Admin Interface: - This section is an off-site section that enables a higher ranking Police commander to view the emergency list as they stream in right from his/her office. This ensures all the stake holders are in picture of what emergency situations are happening around them.</p>   @thadeusbahhttps://www.facebook.com/thadeusbah1-7-2013 0:00:0031-8-2013 0:00:0017-8-2013 19:00:41Thaddeus Masika522-smatter-999-control-room-in-kenyaThaddeus Masikathadeusbah@gmail.comNairobiNairobi, Kenya
23518Save an orphan Fundraising PUBLOTHE0-1.1736.49<p>Save an orphan aim to fights for orphan children in the slums who suffer from extremely poverty, disease, and violence; working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face in slums to access education opportunity.</p> <p>In slum, where most people live below the poverty line, children&rsquo;s education takes back seat. Poverty, underdevelopment, mass illiteracy, ignorance, rural backwardness and conservatism cause a majority of children in slums to be deprived of their basic right to education. Various other social problems such as child marriage, trafficking and discrimination leads toward the undermining of children&rsquo;s right to Education.</p> <p>In this scenario, Generation Guiders has been trying to ensure orphans and vulnerable children in slums have been provided with education support. We are aiming to raised Kshs 1 Million to support orphan children education.</p>   @gg-kenya Generation Guiders 2-11-2013 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0011-8-2013 17:33:17Generation Guiders CBO518-save-an-orphan-fundraisingErick Omondi generationguiders@gmail.comNairobi Kenya Nairobi Kenya
24517A place for dreamingNGOOGREE028.21436911147737113.00516112219236<p>HOME is in an old, almost derelict house, one of those very few still remained in the fast urbanizing China. We wanted to create a space for cooperation, to share experiences and to learn from each other about what we can do about the impending climate change crisis. We started with a projectionist crew going around the province to project environmental documentaries, after about a year&#39;s work we signed up thousands of volunteers.</p> <p>This year, 2013, we opened a space where we host exhibitions, exchange ideas of sustainable living, more importantly to train ourselves to have a greater capacity in bettering our city. Please come join us at our place, we may be hosting an exhibition right now, or we may just be having a tea or coffee talking about the latest event about sustainability in the area, or enjoying a piece of traditional Chinese music to remind us about the frugality of our ancestors.</p> <p>We are after an immaterial, happier life choice in the busy city today.</p>  http://wodelab.blog.com/  20-7-2013 0:00:0020-9-2013 0:00:001-8-2013 15:02:57HOME - an environmental volunteer support network517-a-place-for-dreamDaniel Zhangdifferentenergy@gmail.com ChangshaChangsha, Hunan, China
25516Clean-Up Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront NGOOINCL06.35-3.45<p>How do we make the government see that we are part of the city, even though we are poor?</p> <p>The Makoko/Iwaya waterfront faced a demolition that displaced thousands of residents in July 2012. Since then, the communities with the help of SERAC and support from Henrich Boell Foundation have been mobilizing to make the Lagos State Government respect their existence and their contribution to Lagos.</p> <p>Makoko/Iwaya waterfront is an ethnically diverse informal settlement built mainly on stilts above the Lagos Lagoon. The original settlers came to Makoko in 1890 and the population is now estimated to be over 200,000 people. The settlement has been largely neglected by government; most of the social and physical infrastructure has been provided by the communities or by various non-governmental organizations and philanthropists. The Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront communities in collaboration with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) took proactive steps towards cleaning up their environment. This effort was to demonstrate their willingness and ability to improve their living conditions.</p> <p>The next step is for the community to finish developing a holistic Regeneration Plan, which will be presented to the Lagos State Government in hope it can be incorporated into the broader urban renewal plan.</p>  http://www.serac.org@serac_nghttps://www.facebook.com/SocialandEconomicRightsActionCenter23-7-2013 0:00:0028-7-2013 0:00:0030-7-2013 12:11:06Social and Economic Rights Action Center (SERAC)516-clean-up-makokoiwaya-waterfrontOlamide Udo-Udomaolamide.u@serac.orglaglag
26515Xlab 2013: Experience + Interaction in Public SpaceASSOPLAN040.7143528-74.0059731<p>Xlab 2013: Experience + Interaction in Public Space, New York City, October 24, 2013 is SEGD&rsquo;s premier innovation event connecting design, technology, and communication in the built environment.</p> <p>We&rsquo;ll discuss all things related to digital communications, immersive experience design, and the shaping of our urban spaces and places by emerging technologies.</p> <p>Join the conversation on the evolving role of interaction in public spaces and how design and technology can work together to reconnect and reengage us with the physical environment. A pre-lab networking event will be held the evening of October 23.</p> <p>For more information about Xlab, visit http://www.segd.org/learning/xlab-2013.html. To learn more about SEGD, visit http://www.segd.org/</p>  http://xlab2013.segd.orghttps://twitter.com/SEGDhttps://www.facebook.com/SEGDcommunity24-10-2013 0:00:0024-10-2013 0:00:0023-7-2013 17:05:45SEGD515-xlab-2013-experience-interaction-in-public-spaceMariam Safimariam@segd.orgNew YorkNew York, New York, United States
27514MyBadagry MyFuturePRIVOTHE06.41666672.883333300000004<p>MyBadagry MyFuture (MBMF) &quot;Rediscovering and developing the ESSENCE of BADAGRY&quot;</p> <p>The MyBadagry MyFuture Project (MBMF) was launched in 2008 and its network includes Badagrians, organizations and support from various categories, which has been dedicated to the realization of developmental reforms and change. The project is part of our efforts to re -introduce yet to be friends, investors,Badagrians and the world to see the value and richness of our motherland and its environs.</p> <p>We see a more glorious Badagry, which will become the world&rsquo;s destination and one stop center for Tourist, Business, Education, Investors, Export and Import. We cant do this on our own, your contribution and support in building MYBADAGRY! MY FUTURE will be dreams come true. My Badagry (MB) is a Community Interest Organization. POWERED BY:Saveoviyon company.(R)</p> <p>www.saveoviyon.com</p> youtubeChB1_LxKfCkwww.mybadagry.org@mybadagryhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Mybadagry/1495379717962911-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0016-7-2013 11:52:03 SaveoViyon Comapny 514-mybadagry-myfutureViyon eso Awhansemybadagry@gmail.comBadagryBadagry, Lagos, Nigeria
28513Ignite KisumuASSOSAFE0-1.1736.49<p>The Ignite Kisumu Festival is a FREE city Event organized by the Ignite Kenya Foundation in partnership with local artists and the city community.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">The festival is a collective of poets, performing artistes, musicians, painters and dancers who are dedicated to the cultural and artistic enrichment of the community. </span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">Motivated by the power of the word and creative thought, the festival strives to inform, inspire and creative culture for the city as well as promote safe and secure city.</span></p>   @ignitekisumufestivalhttp://ignitekisumufestival.wordpress.com/16-8-2013 0:00:0017-8-2013 0:00:008-7-2013 20:45:48Ignite Afrika Trust513-ignite-kisumuRaphael Omondiraomosh@gmail.com.Celebrating city wide art and culture and also engaging the city in ensuring the city is safeCelebrating city wide art and culture and also engaging the city in ensuring the city is safe, secure and clean
29512Arquitectura inclusiva, social y participativaNGOOINCL04.598055599999999-74.0758333<p>We are a group of young professionals, architects, designers, and others, providing technical assistance, participative design and inclusive construction processes to improve the quality of life of those with limited resources. We work in small scale projects, such as house improvements for the poor, and large scale projects, such as schools, libraries, cultural houses, parks, among others, where design, creativity and innovation drive the whole process, with very few resources.</p> youtubeMuIVKsi6EjA&feature=youtu.bewww.fundacionjuligon.org@FundJuligonhttps://www.facebook.com/FundacionJuligon1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-7-2013 0:27:09Fundacion Juligon512-arquitectura-inclusiva-social-y-participativaMaría Paula González Bozziinfo@fundacionjuligon.orgBogotáBogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia
30511Using youths to Empower youthsPRIVPROD0-1.28333336.81666700000005<p>Microsoft through an initiative called &#39;Youthspark&#39; picked up talented youths in various disciplines and made them meet with several Iconic people across the world and in the meeting, the youths were advised on several challenges in life and how to overcome them. Since then, the handful of youths decided to form an official group and together they are headed to make Nairobi a better city by reaching out to other youths and also pursuing their goals in life. What is YouthSpark? Microsoft YouthSpark is a new company-wide, global initiative with a goal to address the opportunity divide &ndash; a gap between those who have the access, skills, and opportunities to be successful and those who do not &ndash; facing young people around the world. We aspire to create opportunities for 300 million youth around the world over the next three years through partnerships with governments, non-profit organisations and businesses.</p> <p>Microsoft YouthSpark brings together a range of new, existing and enhanced programs to help tackle this critical issue. Microsoft YouthSpark marks a new focus for our philanthropy efforts. We are committing the majority of our corporate cash giving to support non-profit organizations that serve youth by providing them with enhanced technology and business training to help them pursue additional education, obtain employment or start a new business or social venture. The company is also announcing partnerships with non-profits around Africa and the Middle East. We have also developed a range of new youth-focused Citizenship initiatives, including:</p> youtubeXzvKCcKSQq8http://www.microsoft.com/about/corporatecitizenship/en-us/youthspark/ https://www.facebook.com/MicrosoftESA/app_18117533871510028-6-2013 0:00:0028-6-2013 0:00:0030-6-2013 19:00:46Microsoft 'Youthspark'511-using-youths-to-empower-youthsThaddeus Masikaceo@debbykenya.comwestlandswestlands, nairobi
31510Spatial Redefinition - Construction of a Community Center over a drug sale local ruins. ASSOINCL0-32.9507408-60.66650010000001<p>On the ruins of what was a drug store, starts the redefinition of space by building a community center for neighborhood residents, Villa Banana. Tired of insecurity and violence produced by a local drug sale, the neighborhood decided to take action and overthrow the actual space. Although they are aware of the possibility of retaliation by traffickers, they continue with the initiative to transform a space of death into a living space. Through CUBA-MTR group, the neighbors contacted the STUDIO OF IDEAS to bring forward the project. The architectural project plans to build a Community Center at 40 m2. The program includes two classrooms for workshops, a kitchen / meeting room and a bathroom, connected to an outdoor space for different activities.</p> <p>The Community Center &ldquo;Comunidad Rebelde&quot; will provide various craft courses, cultural workshops and conferences entertainment for all neighbors of Villa Banana and its surroundings. Because of limited financial resources, the construction is carried out with &quot;alternative materials&quot; such as pallets, plastic and glass bottles, car tires, etc.; and organic resources (adobe), becoming a Bio - Construction. Studio of Ideas will develop the 80% of the project with materials that posses no economic value, but there is a 20% that can not be recycled or improvised with materials such as bolts, nuts, nails, etc.; service facilities (electricity, water and sewer) necessary for the proper operation of the Community Center.</p>  www.studioofideas.wix.com/ideas www.facebook.com/STUDIOOFIDEAS1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0022-6-2013 1:46:33STUDIO OF IDEAS, CUBA - MTR and Juventud Revolucionaria Che510-spatial-redefinition-construction-of-a-community-center-over-a-drug-sale-localMare Soriastudioofideas@gmail.comRosarioRosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
32508Dust free BangalorePRIVSAFE012.94453075052384277.5829118576172<p>Bangalore is the IT capital of India, but it is struggling with unprecedented and unplanned growth and a population of 9 million plus. A recent circular by the pollution control board noted that RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter) constitutes 20 % of the total pollution, which is higher that that caused by industry at 14%. RSPM, essentially caused by construction sand on the streets is pushed into the air by wind and vehicular movement and is responsible for several respiratory problems including Asthma. Conventional sweeping only adds to the problem. As a long time resident of this once garden city, I have never once seen the streets being vacuumed. Sporadic attempts have been made to clean the streets by using vehicle mounted vacuum sweepers.</p> <p>But the ground reality makes this impossible as most streets are very narrow, and congested with constant vehicle movement and potholes and tree trunks dot the streets. Adding to this is the fact that vehicles are constantly parked on the streets. Considering all these factors, I developed and built a portable street vacuum cleaner which can overcome all these problems. This wet/dry vacuum cleaner is powered by a 45 cc engine and is equipped with a brush attachment. Its small size and portability make it ideal for use under/between parked cars or around trees or in potholes. I really hope this will help in reducing the pollution levels, make my city cleaner and also improve the health of my fellow Bengalureans.</p>   @dhoolhataohttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Dhool.Hatao1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-6-2013 6:55:15Neosphere508-dust-free-bangaloreChetan Prasadtechno_sleuth@yahoo.comBangalore - bengaluruBangalore - bengaluru, Karnātaka, India
335071 minuto por el PeatónFRIEINCL04.605199360818653-74.07162759626465<p>&iquest;Qu&eacute; es 1 Minuto por el peat&oacute;n? 1 Minuto por el peat&oacute;n es un homenaje a los 296 peatones que en 2012 perdieron la vida en accidentes de tr&aacute;nsito. Busca reclamarle -a trav&eacute;s de la acci&oacute;n pol&iacute;tica no violenta- al gobierno distrital el derecho que tenemos a caminar por la ciudad. Se realizar&aacute; un flashmob con 296 personas, representando a todas y cada una de las v&iacute;ctimas fatales en accidentes de tr&aacute;nsito, cuyo &uacute;nico delito fue caminar. &iquest;Por qu&eacute; se va a llevar a cabo 1 Minuto por el peat&oacute;n? Durante el 2012 murieron 296 peatones atropellados en Bogot&aacute;. Algunos de ellos como Sebasti&aacute;n Garz&oacute;n de 6 a&ntilde;os murieron porque el sem&aacute;foro no duraba lo suficiente para la calle. Decenas m&aacute;s fallecieron dado que el puente peatonal les quedaba demasiado lejos, porque el and&eacute;n no era suficientemente ancho o simplemente porque el conductor que los arroll&oacute; iba de af&aacute;n. 296 peatones muertos en un a&ntilde;o es una tragedia de unas dimensiones enormes y Bogot&aacute; sigue siendo una ciudad en donde se prioriza al que va en carro particular y poco se preocupa por una infraestructura s&oacute;lida para peatones. Se busca generar conciencia acerca de la importancia de cuidar a los peatones (todos somos peatones).</p> youtubepy8KbBnJFXg#!http://combo2600.com/@Combo2600https://www.facebook.com/Combo260027-4-2013 0:00:0027-4-2014 0:00:0019-6-2013 17:21:38@Combo2600507-1-minuto-por-el-peatnJuan Pablo Castro combo2600@gmail.comBogotáBogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia
34506Portales Inclusivos en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresPUBLINCL0-34.59517488307446-58.38469457792968<p>La Secretar&iacute;a de H&aacute;bitat e Inclusi&oacute;n (SECHI) es un organismo del Gobierno de la Ciudad Aut&oacute;noma de Buenos Aires que promueve la urbanizaci&oacute;n y la inclusi&oacute;n social en las villas y barrios m&aacute;s vulnerables de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Para ello, dise&ntilde;a y coordina estrategias y proyectos integrales de manera participativa con la comunidad, a fin de garantizar las condiciones de habitabilidad que permitan el desarrollo de una vida digna y con igualdad de oportunidades para todos sus habitantes. Para lograr sus objetivos, la Secretar&iacute;a implementa como modelo la Gesti&oacute;n Social del H&aacute;bitat, paradigma que tiene como denominador com&uacute;n la conjugaci&oacute;n de tres ejes fundamentales: presencia territorial, urbanismo social e inclusi&oacute;n.</p> <p>Para generar un v&iacute;nculo directo con la comunidad, se cuenta con equipos territoriales que trabajan en Portales Inclusivos, oficinas descentralizadas de la Secretar&iacute;a ubicadas en lugares estrat&eacute;gicos de las villas que brindan a la comunidad un lugar de consulta, de escucha activa y de participaci&oacute;n para la transformaci&oacute;n f&iacute;sica y social de los barrios. Estos espacios resultan fundamentales para la implementaci&oacute;n de un nuevo paradigma de abordaje en la relaci&oacute;n Estado-comunidad. Mediante la presencia constante en el territorio, se genera un v&iacute;nculo directo que permite el fortalecimiento de las instituciones y la construcci&oacute;n de espacios de convivencia y de concertaci&oacute;n colectiva. Desde 2011, se instalaron 6 portales en barrios vulnerables de la zona sur de la Ciudad. Los mismos cuentan con un equipo conformado por diferentes profesionales y nuclean informaci&oacute;n sobre los programas que se desarrollan en cada barrio, as&iacute; como tambi&eacute;n un detalle de las actividades que brindan otros organismos de Gobierno.</p>  http://buenosaires.gob.ar/sechi@sechabitathttp://facebook.com/sechabitat1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0017-6-2013 18:29:42Secretaría de Hábitat e Inclusión506-portales-inclusivos-en-las-villas-de-la-ciudad-de-buenos-airesMariano Tomás De Michelitdemicheli@buenosaires.gob.arBuenos AiresBuenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina
35505Bringing Change To The Favela Communities..NGOOOTHE0200<p>Good afternoon. This is Mr. Bryan Simpson, the President/CEO of Visionworld International. We have decided to expand our vision to develop Affordable Housing with Supportive Services such as; Childcare, Internet Cafe, Dollar Store, Vocational Training in Construction for Adults and youth and much more, to the Favela communities of Rio De Janeiro. We recently completed this same project for the South Korean Govt and won numerous awards for it&#39;s design, energy efficiency and Solar Technology and duplicating this same project to the Favela communities of Rio. We welcome all organizations, individual&#39;s, NGO&#39;s, Religious Leader&#39;s, Gov&#39;t Agencies, Investor&#39;s and others, to partner with us to bring this vision to pass.</p>  visionworld.intl@gmail.com Favela Hero1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0015-6-2013 19:16:08Vision World International505-bringing-change-to-the-favela-communitiesMr. Brian Simpsonvisionworld.intl@gmail.comRio De JaneiroRio De Janeiro, Brazil
36504No more leaks to our cityPRIVSAFE0-23.5489433-46.6388182<p>We produce high quality hoses for lots of applications, as suction of waste, conduction of oil, suction and flush of water and others. Our hoses prevents leaks that may generate more polution to our cities this way contributing to a cleaner enviroment.</p>  http://www.acflex.com.br  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0014-6-2013 15:00:07Acflex Hoses504-no-more-leaks-to-our-cityAntonio Marcosacflex@cadastronet.com.brSão PauloSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
37503Festivales de Cultura Viva Comunitaria en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresPUBLINCL0-37.2017285-59.84106969999999<p>La Secretar&iacute;a de H&aacute;bitat e Inclusi&oacute;n (SECHI) es un organismo del Gobierno de la Ciudad Aut&oacute;noma de Buenos Aires que promueve la urbanizaci&oacute;n y la inclusi&oacute;n social en las villas y barrios m&aacute;s vulnerables de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Para ello, dise&ntilde;a y coordina estrategias y proyectos integrales de manera participativa con la comunidad, a fin de garantizar las condiciones de habitabilidad que permitan el desarrollo de una vida digna y con igualdad de oportunidades para todos sus habitantes. Para lograr sus objetivos, la Secretar&iacute;a implementa como modelo la Gesti&oacute;n Social del H&aacute;bitat, paradigma que tiene como denominador com&uacute;n la conjugaci&oacute;n de tres ejes fundamentales: presencia territorial, urbanismo social e inclusi&oacute;n.</p> <p>Entendiendo a la cultura como una construcci&oacute;n colectiva que sirve como herramienta de transformaci&oacute;n social, se organizan festivales de Cultura Viva Comunitaria, programa que fomenta el encuentro entre el arte y la comunidad. Estas iniciativas buscan visibilizar y potenciar el arte popular presente en los barrios con el fin de fortalecer la apropiaci&oacute;n del espacio p&uacute;blico y de generar espacios de convivencia saludables. Adem&aacute;s, dentro de estas jornadas se realizan diferentes expresiones art&iacute;sticas y culturales que abarcan desde comidas t&iacute;picas hasta bailes tradicionales de las diferentes comunidades que viven en los barrios.</p> youtubes8-lvDlc03shttp://buenosaires.gob.ar/sechi@sechabitathttp://facebook.com/sechabitat1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0011-6-2013 20:38:43Secretaría de Hábitat e Inclusión503-festivales-de-cultura-viva-comunitaria-en-las-villas-de-la-ciudad-de-buenos-airTomás De Michelitdemicheli@buenosaires.gob.arBuenos AiresBuenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina
38501Waste Sorting Station - If we can do it in the bush you can do it in the city ! NGOOGREE0200<p>Rhino Ark is a charitable trust founded in 1988 to support conservation in Kenya. It helps to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges facing mountain forest ecosystems and threatened biodiversity areas. Their approach is embodied in the philosophy &ldquo;HUMANS IN HARMONY WITH HABITAT AND WILDLIFE&rdquo;, and propagated though effective partnerships with stakeholders. Their work is guided by independent assessment studies. These studies provide the scientific foundation for the design, mid-term review and final evaluation of our interventions.</p> <p>Electric Fence Projects are the cornerstones of their conservation mission. The Rhino Ark Aberdare Electric Fence is a world-renowned example of how to achieve a &lsquo;win-win&rsquo; equilibrium that balances the needs of local communities with the goal of protecting nature. The Rhino Charge is an annual off road motorsport competition that has been held in Kenya since 1989. It is a unique and exciting competition that requires bravery and a high level of skill in off-road driving and navigation. The event, organized by The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, is held to raise funds for a very noble cause &ndash; conservation of Kenya&rsquo;s Aberdare Ecosystem. In December 2010 Rhino Ark announced its formal commitment to support conservation of other critical ecosystems, starting with Mau Mt. Eburu and Mt. Kenya. Funds raised by the Rhino Charge will now also play an important role in this.</p> <p>This year, Rhino Ark brought a waste sorting station to the Rhino Charge venue (Ol Doinyo Nyokie, Kajiado County, Kenya) and therefore embarked on an ambitious target of sorting and categorizing the garbage / waste generated at the event, sorting it and then removing as much of the non-biodegradable waste as possible! Field estimates show that approximately 35m&sup3; of plastic, 10m&sup3; of aluminum &amp; 4m&sup3; of glass were removed from the venue. During the event another record breaking amount, 90 Mio KES (more than 1 Mio USD), was raised for the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust and 2,9 Mio KES were raised for the Ol Doinyo Nyokie Host Community!</p>  www.rhinoark.org@RhinoArkhttp://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.268021973336264.1073741836.173531366118659&type=131-5-2013 0:00:002-6-2013 0:00:0011-6-2013 6:22:44Rhino Ark Charitable Trust501-waste-sorting-station-if-we-can-do-it-in-the-bush-you-can-do-it-in-the-cityDevina Seippsocialmedia@rhinocharge.co.keOl Doinyo Nyokie Ol Doinyo Nyokie
39499Garden cities, an ideal to be pursuedPUBLPLAN048.8566142.3522219000000177<p>The values and the ways in which the city was imagined in 19th century in England by Ebenezer Howard and Raymond Unwin, and which were put into practice in the 1930s in the Paris region by Henri Sellier and Georges Beno&icirc;t-L&eacute;vy, remain astonishingly modern and constitute reference points which can always inspire the high quality development of our cities and neighbourhoods. At a point in time where we are building eco-districts should we not use this model to create, in part, the city of tomorrow? How can we re-examine the principles and the values of the garden city today with regard to cities which are sustainable, sociable and energy efficient? Hereafter are some more examples:</p> <p>&bull; Design high quality coherence and harmony at the heart of the neighbourhood, as well as with the existing city.</p> <p>&bull; Organize and structure public spaces in order to provide multiple places which are both functional and convivial.</p> <p>&bull; Re-establish dialogue between city and nature for mutual enrichment.</p> <p>&bull; Develop the mode to live by watching a typological diversity, by creating places of meetings favoring the life of neighborhood and by respecting the intimacy of each. &bull; Involve residents in the life of their neighbourhood.</p> <p>&bull; Prioritise social and functional mixity.</p> <p>&bull; Devise land regulation policies.</p> <p>IAU has released an edition of Les Cahiers dedicated to garden cities to re-examine the principles and the values of the garden city today with regard to cities faced with the challenges of the 21st century. A review of a few, intentionally very different contemporary, future or even utopian urban forms from international architects are presented along with a workshop organized by IAU bringing together architects and landscape artists with the objective to draw garden city models in today&rsquo;s world and in the future. 2013 is also an anniversary year of the centenary of the creation, in 1913 by Ebenezer Howard, of the International Association for Garden Cities and Town Planning and (the IFHP, today). On this occasion, IAU organized together with IFHP, COFHUAT, TCPA and the cities of Suresnes, Stains, and Chatenay-Malabry. a three-day symposium for more than 200 decision-makers&ndash;politicians, local authorities representatives, officials and professionals from architecture, heritage, housing, urban development and planning to devote their time to applying their creative ideas on the potential of garden cities and cities of tomorrow.</p> youtubeKGiZyJCn3oAhttp://www.iau-idf.fr/index.php?id=615&iaurif_publications_aff[etude]=987&cHash=c58e37b5e250256bafd97d2e4e73db51@iauidfhttps://www.facebook.com/iauidf1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:006-6-2013 12:51:48IAU île-de-France499-garden-cities-an-ideal-to-be-pursuedCédric Lavallartcedric.lavallart@iau-idf.frParisParis, Île-de-France, France
40497Buenos Aires works to transform the city slumsPUBLINCL0-34.6037232-58.38159310000003<p>La Secretar&iacute;a de H&aacute;bitat e Inclusi&oacute;n (SECHI) es un organismo del Gobierno de la Ciudad Aut&oacute;noma de Buenos Aires que promueve la urbanizaci&oacute;n y la inclusi&oacute;n social en las villas y barrios m&aacute;s vulnerables de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Para ello, dise&ntilde;a y coordina estrategias y proyectos integrales de manera participativa con la comunidad, a fin de garantizar las condiciones de habitabilidad que permitan el desarrollo de una vida digna y con igualdad de oportunidades para todos sus habitantes. Para lograr sus objetivos, la SECHI trabaja bajo el paradigma Gesti&oacute;n Social del H&aacute;bitat, que se centra en tres ejes fundamentales: presencia territorial, urbanismo social e inclusi&oacute;n social. Se considera a la comunidad como la protagonista de la transformaci&oacute;n f&iacute;sica y social del territorio, entendiendo la participaci&oacute;n no s&oacute;lo como estrategia sino como pol&iacute;tica p&uacute;blica.</p> <p>As&iacute;, se apunta a generar una relaci&oacute;n distinta, no clientelar, entre el gobierno local y la comunidad creando un v&iacute;nculo directo que permita el fortalecimiento de las instituciones, la construcci&oacute;n de espacios de participaci&oacute;n, convivencia y concertaci&oacute;n colectiva. En el mismo sentido se promueve, en acciones proyectadas en conjunto con los vecinos, la transformaci&oacute;n del entorno del barrio, realizando diferentes intervenciones que favorezcan la plena integraci&oacute;n a la trama urbana y social de la ciudad, haciendo hincapi&eacute; en la recuperaci&oacute;n de los espacios p&uacute;blicos. Una ciudad habitable, equitativa y sustentable debe asegurar la calidad de vida de sus ciudadanos, es por eso que la Secretar&iacute;a trabaja para lograr un espacio ambientalmente apto, saludable y seguro para el desarrollo de la vida, no s&oacute;lo desde lo estrictamente fisiol&oacute;gico sino tambi&eacute;n desde lo pisol&oacute;gico-social.</p>  http://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/sechi@sechabitathttp://www.facebook.com/sechabitat1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-6-2013 21:26:16Secretaría de Hábitat e Inclusión497-buenos-aires-trabaja-para-transformar-las-villas-de-la-ciudadTomás De Michelitdemicheli@buenosaires.gob.arCiudad Autónoma de Buenos AiresCiudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina
41496Revista Haz Ciudad - Showing the realities in Mexico CityFRIEINCL019.4326077-99.13320799999997<p>Diverse group of yougers that shows the different realities of living in this massive city, encouraging inclussion, knowledge of the realities that share this space and the feeling of: make your city. We have each month a publication on line with a topic that we research... for example: garbage, public space appropiation, housing, work, etc.</p>  www.hazciudad.com@revista_ciudadwww.facebook.com/HazCiudadMx1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-6-2013 21:13:31Revista Haz Ciudad496-revista-haz-ciudad-showing-the-realities-in-mexico-cityCaro Izábal y Nacho Montañocontacto@hazciudad.comMexico CityMexico City, The Federal District, Mexico
42492Revitalización Modular de Desarrollos InformalesFRIEINCL010.5004352-66.95114590000003<p>Desarrollo de un sistema modular, autosuficiente, con dotaci&oacute;n y equipamiento urbano, servicios b&aacute;sicos, y empleo, para la revitalizaci&oacute;n de desarrollos informales en Caracas y el resto de Venezuela. El sistema consiste en la localizaci&oacute;n de un pozoprofundo de agua y en torno al mismo, en la construcci&oacute;n de bloques prefabricados de viviendas que ocupen 1/3 del &aacute;rea actual de ocupaci&oacute;n de las viviendas informales. El entorno se configura bajo el modelo de dos exitosos desarrollos en Venezuela: El Silencio (C. R. Villanueva) y Los Castores (Silverio de Zabala). El conjunto conforma hasta 720 unidades de vivienda, denominados: NIDOs (N&uacute;cleo Integrado de Desarrollo Org&aacute;nico) y comprende vivienda, &aacute;reas verdes, puestos de trabajo, comercio urbanismo y servicios.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Ver: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkhclazbhkllpqs/Presentaci%C3%B3n%20NIDOs%20ANIH%202012.pdf y la publicaci&oacute;n completa E-book: https://www.dropbox.com/s/au0ica9q09wmqtz/Pensar%20en%20Caracas%20Infraurbana%20E-book-Edu.pdf</p>     15-6-2013 0:00:0015-6-2013 0:00:0029-5-2013 18:27:50A group of professionals492-revitalizacin-modular-de-desarrollos-informalesReinaldo Martínezreinaldo.martinez@gmail.comCaracasCaracas, Distrito Capital
43490Modular system for fast, sustainable slum's revitalization.ASSOINCL0200<p>Developping a modular systemto bring about an improvement in housing, jobs, environment, empowerment, inclusion, culture and family values. The system aims at fast, high quality, modular buidling of housing clusters with jobs, greenbelts, recycling ans services included.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0027-5-2013 19:21:58...or rather written by myself with colaboration of several professionals490-modular-system-for-fast-sustainable-slums-revitalizationReinaldo Martínezreinaldo.martinez@gmail,comstill to be implemented in Caracasstill to be implemented in Caracas, Venezuela
44488Documentando-andoASSOOTHE010.2469444-67.59611110000003<p>COLECTIVO CINE DE ARAGUA TE INVITA A INCENTIVAR -CINE DOCUMENTAL -ESCRITURA AUDIOVISUAL -LA SOCIEDAD Y EL DOCUMENTO AUDIOVISUAL COMUNITARIO La idea de este taller es Brindar y Compartir la herramienta para la creaci&oacute;n y registro de nuestro presente, de nuestras experiencias como Venezolanos, nuestra sociedad. Contenido del Taller (Sera repartido en S&aacute;bados por M&oacute;dulos) - Gui&oacute;n. Trabajado en el modulo anterior. - Pre-producci&oacute;n. II NIVEL - Producci&oacute;n. III NIVEL - Post-producci&oacute;n. IV NIVEL</p>    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colectivo-Cine-De-Aragua-%E0%AB%90/383350951682552?ref=hl25-5-2013 0:00:0025-5-2013 0:00:0024-5-2013 23:15:28Colectivo Cine de Aragua488-documentando-andoAria J.colectivocinedearagua@gmail.comMaracayMaracay, Estado Aragua, Venezuela
45487Sembrando el camino.. es fluidez en la VidaFRIEPLAN010.2469444-67.59611110000003<p>Este Mi&eacute;rcoles Pr&oacute;ximo, estaremos en la Urbanizaci&oacute;n Roraima, junto al ministerio del ambiente, Educando a los J&oacute;venes y Adultos residentes de la zona de condominios de la Morita I, Calle Este II, con el fin de promover, incentivar y cultivar la semilla del cuidado, preservaci&oacute;n y organizaci&oacute;n de residuos reusables y org&aacute;nicos..</p>    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maracay-Recicla-y-Truequea%E0%AB%90/340151589439057?ref=hl29-5-2013 0:00:0029-5-2013 0:00:0024-5-2013 23:09:30Aria J. Maracay Recicla y Truequea487-sembrando-el-camino-es-fluidez-en-la-vidaAria J.jaramilloaria@gmail.comMaracayMaracay, Estado Aragua, Venezuela
46486El Campo de CebadaNGOOINCL040.411081795892336-3.709068787341266<p>Somos vecinos y vecinas del Distrito Centro agrupados, para fomentar el uso temporal del solar del derribado polideportivo de La Latina, durante el tiempo en el que las obras previstas para su nuevo uso urbanist&iacute;co no se lleven a cabo; se prevee que pasen a&ntilde;os antes de que esto ocurra y no queremos un espacio vac&iacute;o y abandonado en el centro de Madrid. Creemos en el disfrute del espacio p&uacute;blico frente a los espacios ofrecidos por entidades privadas, en donde el dialogo y las relaciones sociales entre vecin&euro;s apenas se dan. La intenci&oacute;n es que el solar de cabida a todo tipo de propuestas/actividades/proyectos de tipo cultural, social, artist&iacute;co, deportivo&hellip; para el uso y disfrute de las personas del barrio y de Madrid. Queremos ser los propios vecinos los que participemos en las decisiones de las actividades y proyectos a desarrollar, gestionando con responsabilidad el uso del espacio y fomentando el encuentro y las relaciones sociales entre todos. Creemos que este espacio debe ser disfrutado y compartido entre todos: vecin@s, comerciantes, colectivos y asociaciones del barrio.</p> <p>We are neighbors from the Distrito Centro (Center Neihgborhood) and we&#39;re gathered to support the seasonal use of the demolished sports center of La Latina (The Latin) while&nbsp;the construction, planned for its new urban use, is not getting done. We know that years are going to pass by until the construction happens and we do not want an empty and abandoned space in the center of Madrid. We believe in the benefit of the public space rather than spaces offered by private entities, in which dialogue and social relations among neighbors barely occur. We want this space to be available for all types of activities and projects, social, cultural, artistic etc. to benefit the neighbors and citizens. We want the neighbors to be those participating in the decision-making of&nbsp;the activities and the projects to develop, dealing with the use of the space and fostering the dialogue and the social relations among all. We believe that this space should be benefited and shared among everyone: neighbors, businesses, collectives and associations.</p>  http://elcampodecebada.org/@campodecebada https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-campo-de-Cebada/180735625274126?fref=ts1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0023-5-2013 11:22:06El Campo de Cebada486-el-campo-de-cebadaEl Campo de Cebadainfocampodecebada@gmail.comMadridMadrid, Madrid, Spain
47484Raising GreenPUBLPLAN0200<p>GREENSPACENYC develops, hosts, and curates participatory events, classes, workshops, and installations regarding sustainability studies &ndash; in order to build a network of committed participants interested in sharing information to the broader public for free or little cost. GREENSPACENYC was founded by Laura Scherling and Ray Manalo in 2011. The organization is is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, giving it its status as a 501(c)(3) and receives material sponsorship from Material for the Arts (NYC Office of Cultural Affairs). GreenspaceNYC celebrated its 2nd birthday earlier this spring. Considering the 11 events, 500+ participants, 1800 tweets and 336 Facebook likes, this 2 year-old has covered a lot of ground and has some great things in its future.</p> <p>As we at GreenspaceNYC work to move the organization forward, we have recommitted to our goal of facilitating a green community in the city through free events, discussions and projects. We&rsquo;ve done all of our work solely with help of volunteers and with material and in-kind donations from our awesome partners. With a little money we could expand the range of our events and help fund projects that will contribute to our community. To join our growth and our fun, mark your calendars for Raising Green 2013 at the Hostel International-New York patio on July 26th! HI-NY has an AMAZING outdoor space on the Upper West Side that we are filling with great music, fun people and cool items up for silent auction.</p> <p>Stay tuned for more event details! If you are interested in contributing to this event in some way we are happy to discuss partnerships! Email us at info@greenspacenyc.org</p>  www.greenspacenyc.org@greenspacenychttps://www.facebook.com/pages/GreenspaceNYC/158823367501109?ref=ts&fref=ts26-7-2013 0:00:0026-7-2013 0:00:0022-5-2013 5:21:58GreenspaceNYC484-raising-greenLaura Scherlingscherlinglaura@gmail.comNew YorkNew York, NY
4848310th Urban Picnic - Urban Wedding FRIEINCL010.2469444-67.59611110000003<p>We want to celebrate the love with no discrimination and the compromise with a better city with our Urban Picnics, monthly reunion to vegetarian exchange, yoga for children, laught-therapy, reciclyng workshops, traditional games and donations with NGOs. Now, we give a opportunity to LGBT couples, non believers couples and old marriage to revow in public square and vow love bettween them and the city. Is very near of the City Council, to make an statement: in should be legal por everyone. Queremos celebrar el amor sin discriminaci&oacute;n y el compromiso con una mejor ciudad en nuestros Picnics Urbanos, reuniones mensuales de intercambio vegetariano, yoga para ni&ntilde;os, risoterapia, talleres de reciclaje, juegos tradicionales y donaciones con ONGs. Ahora, le damos oportunidad a parejas GLBT, no creyentes y matrimonios consolidados para jurarse en la plaza entre ellos y con la ciudad. Cerca del Concejo Munciipal para decir: deber&iacute;a ser legal para todos.</p>   @picnicurbanomcyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/PicnicUrbanoMcy/?fref=ts26-5-2013 0:00:0026-5-2013 0:00:0022-5-2013 0:50:41Picnic Urbano de Maracay483-10th-urban-picnic-urban-weddingJeanfreddy Gutiérrezjeanfreddy@gmail.com MaracayMaracay, Estado Aragua, Venezuela
49482Hack Day: Apps to Reinvent CitiesPUBLINCL013.706881-89.20181000000002<p>The next City Changer&nbsp;Hack Day will take place under the theme &quot;Youth for Sustainable Financing&quot; in the Spanish Cultural Center of San Salvador, in El Salvador, on May 25th and 26th. The Hack Day is a 36 hours long youth contest during which the participants collaborate to design mobile and tablet applications with an urban focus.&nbsp;The winning team will receive a 2000$ price and the possibility to convert their application in a commercial product within a 9 months period.</p> <p>On this occasion, a Center for Urban Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or City Changer Lab, will be implemented in order to provide the youth with opportunities of economic and social development and for them to become actors of change in their cities.</p> <p>This initiative is part of the UN-Habitat global campaign I&#39;m a City Changer.</p> <p>More info : http://onuhabitat.org/index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=1021:onu-habitat-hack-day-el-salvador-sera-a-fin-de-mes&amp;catid=220:noticias&amp;Itemid=292</p> <p>You can sign up now : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Bd70yyEgbdBXFM-J4sEDYe3NuVYpntB4OHD2Y_-YeZI/viewform</p>  http://onuhabitat.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1021:onu-habitat-hack-day-el-salvador-sera-a-fin-de-mes&catid=220:noticias&Itemid=292  25-5-2013 0:00:0026-5-2013 0:00:0017-5-2013 21:13:52ONU-Habitat482-hack-day-apps-to-reinvent-citiesRosa Surinachsurinach@un.orgSan SalvadorSan Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador
50481Hack Day: Apps to Reinvent CitiesPUBLINCL019.4326077-99.13320799999997<p>A Hack Day, also called Hackathon, is an event in which people involved in software development, like computer programmers, but also graphic designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Some are simply meant for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software. They tend to have a specific focus, such as, in our case, the city.</p> <p>The City Changer Hack Days are a youth contest during which, for 36 hours, participants design and implement a functional application for mobile phones and tablets with a social and urban focus. The winning team receives a 2000$ price and the possibility to convert their application in a commercial product within a 9 months period. The UN-Habitat Hack Day of Monterrey, Mexico, took place between April 26th and 28th 2013. The topic was to &quot;rethink the public space&quot; and the goal was to come up with an app that would &quot;improve the public space life, with shared visions, concretes projects and binding actions from active citizens, an open government and a responsible society&quot;. 100 people got involved, between the participants, the staff, the jury, the sponsors, the organizers and the partners.</p> <p>The event took place in the Barrio Antiguo (Old City) and it lead to the creation of the first UN-Habitat Web Alley that converted the Calle (Street) de Morelos into a public space with free internet dedicated to the improvement and urban innovation of the city of Monterrey.</p> youtube-CJzLIXptK8http://www.onuhabitat.org/  26-4-2013 0:00:0028-5-2013 0:00:0017-5-2013 1:36:40ONU-Habitat481-hack-day-apps-to-reinvent-citiesRosa Surinachsurinach@un.orgMonterreyMonterrey, Mexico
51480Mejor Santa TereNGOOINCL020.688719054633605-103.36546086202395<p>Mejor Santa Tere is a project born in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Guadalajara.</p> <p>It is devoted to promote interactions between citizens and neighbors by revitalizing abandoned public spaces such as the &quot;Jos&eacute; Clemente Orozco Park&quot;.</p> <p>Workshops, urban gardening, walks and free movie screenings are some of the actions we&#39;ve been doing since last year and hopefully continue to do so until Jos&eacute; Clemente Orozco Park becomes a landmark of city change</p> youtubeKkYK25T5_D0http://www.mejorsantatere.org@MejorSantaTerehttp://www.facebook.com/MejorSantaTere1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0012-5-2013 21:39:04Mejor Santa Tere480-mejor-santa-tereFernando Hernándezinfo@mejorsantatere.orgGuadalajaraGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
52479Un-grey the cityINDIOTHE051.759248519.45598330000007<p>Un-grey the city Lodz - my city. Grey people, old age, grunge, dog poos in the lawns, reek pouring out from the tenements backyards, drinkers and mongrel rottweilers. I can&rsquo;t complain anymore - I act. Ugliness may become beautiful and inspiring for a painter&hellip; a pedestrian painter. By profession I&rsquo;m a painter. I&rsquo;ve been sharing all my life with colors. Lodz in the center of Poland is the city I was born in and where I still live and work. It looks dirty, grey and seems to be forlorn, without any action. The authorities do nothing&hellip; Homelessness and poverty surround us&hellip; Lodz used to be a powerful city with the mix of cultures (Russian, Jewish, German and Polish) that made life in the city totally colorful. Now there&rsquo;s nothing but just memory of the past. I hate to complain - I act!</p> <p>My goal is to bring the color back to the city. I don&rsquo;t deal with the buildings (like graffiti does) but with the pavements and the ground. &ldquo;Un-grey the city - paintings close to the ground&rdquo; is a guerilla painting action using the city streets as a canvas for paintings. I&rsquo;m trying to be a &ldquo;Supercolour girl&rdquo;, an undercover who, without any permission, fills the streets with colours. Little evening guerilla who feels much happier while filling puddles on the streets with colours. Having a lot of fun and making surprise for the citizens. The first action took part in September 2011 on Targowa street in the center of Lodz. Then I decided to push my action forward. In November I made the second painting action in another grey Polish town - Szczecin. Each action was recorded by the camera and photographed. Now I want to un-grey every city in our grey world!!! I want to bring the colour back!!! to un-grey the city status to un-grey our existence painting installation: video, pictures, paintings (natural pigments, pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, puddles, prints, graphic program) Action was presented @several location, festival event and in the galleries: 2012 - Backyard of Art, Biała Gallery, Lublin, Poland 2012 - Lumen Festival, Staten Island, New York, USA 2012 - Yicca winner exhibition, Chemistry Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013 - Roof @ Gowunus Loft, Brooklyn, USA, 2013 - Rowan University Art Gallery, Rowan, NJ, USA, 2013 - Free City Festival, Flint, Michigan, USA Un-greying the city may be carried out in various ways.</p> <p>The space itself says how to use it. Previous attempts to un-grey were a reaction to the found situation. A cloudy and rainy day makes the action easier (puddles appear in all the holes, grooves, slots) - in this case you just need to add some color. USUALLY PINK &ndash; in a girlish and apparently trivial way. However, if it does not decide to rain, you have to move your imagination and find another way to un-grey the city. 15 of June I am going to organise the biggest action I have ever made. It will be un-grey Wschodnia street, Ł&oacute;dź, Poland. I hope that a lot of citizens will help me and we will change our grey reality at least for one day!!! I am a performer - Ola Ignasiak I am working with my husband who is a photographer and filmmaker.</p>  http://www.olaignasiak.com, http://www.olaignasiak.blogspot.com ola ignasiak15-6-2013 0:00:0015-6-2013 0:00:0012-5-2013 0:57:50Ola Ignasiak & Andrzej Sieczkowski479-un-grey-the-cityAleksandra Ignasiakol.ol@wp.plŁódźŁódź, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland
53478Warriors Without Weapons NGOORESI0-23.960364964014634-46.32104649515384<p>Warriors Without Weapons is an experiential international leadership and social entrepreneurship training program offered to youth to provide the tools needed to transform realities anywhere in the world. It is a 240hs program in three different communities in Baixada Santista, with an experienced staff of facilitators and consultants. Get ready! The Warriors Without Weapons is a course, but is very different from the traditional ways of teaching you may have seen so far. Here you put your hands to work to make a collective dream of a better world a reality in 30 days!</p> youtubepstImQzgp5whttp://www.warriorswithoutweapons.net/https://twitter.com/Instituto_Eloshttps://www.facebook.com/GuerreirosSemArmas6-1-2014 0:00:006-2-2014 0:00:003-5-2013 23:56:32Instituto Elos Brasil478-warriors-without-weaponsVal Rochaval@institutoelos.orgSantosSantos, São Paulo, Brazil
54477IIHS and Environmental Design Solutions announce Training Programme on Passive Solar Design, Daylighting and Simulations for Green BuildingsEDUCGREE0200<p>Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), a national education institution in association with Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) has announced a training programme on Passive Solar Design, Daylighting and Simulations for Green Buildings. The programme will be held at Regus Business Center,Connaught Place,Pune. from May 4(Saturday)-5(Sunday), 2013. Daylighting is an essential aspect of green and sustainable buildings, especially since dependence on artificial lighting greatly magnifies the energy and cost inefficiency of a building. An advanced daylighting strategy enables lower environmental and O&amp;M costs, as well as healthier working and living environments.</p> <p>The objective of this training programme is to equip participants with the practical know-how to undertake shading and daylighting simulations on their own. It will cover basic concepts of solar passive design, which is an inherent component of daylighting buildings. Interactive and hands-on training of simulation tools such as Autodesk Ecotect and Radiance will be provided as well as different types of fa&ccedil;ade glazing, their properties and criteria for selection will be discussed in detail. The course summarises the requirements of daylighting for LEED/GRIHA green building rating systems. Application is open to candidates from all disciplines but individuals with backgrounds in architecture, planning, engineering are encouraged to apply. The course faculty includes Gurneet Singh, Director, EDS Pvt. Ltd who has over 8 years of working experience in projects dealing with sustainable development, building energy efficiency and Green Buildings. The M.Tech. course at IIIT, Hyderabad along with his architectural degree has equipped him with the rare knowledge and understanding of the sustainable built environment in a very broad spectrum. The other faculty member, Deepa Parekh is a Senior Green Building Analyst at EDS whose work includes research and analysis of active and passive design concepts, building energy simulations, conducting educational workshops and facilitating green building certifications. Date May 4 -5, 2013 Time 9:00 AM &ndash; 5:30 PM Location Regus Business Center Connaught Place Pune Website http://www.iihs.co.in/programmes/upp/psddsgb/psddsgb-may-2013/ Last Day for registration April 30, 2013 Contact Person Swastik Contact Number +91-9886297542 or +91-80-67606666.</p> <p>About IIHS The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is a national education institution committed to the equitable, sustainable and efficient transformation of Indian settlements. IIHS is India&rsquo;s first prospective independently funded and managed inter-disciplinary National University for Innovation that focuses on its ongoing urban and development transformation. It is a first-of-its-kind, practice and innovation-oriented knowledge institution that seeks to bridge the conventional excellence, scale and inclusion divide. For more information, see www.iihs.co.in. About EDS EDS is a sustainability consulting firm focusing on the built environment. The diverse milieu of its team of experts converges on energy efficient building design and policies, building code development, green building certification, climate change mitigation policies, capacity building and training. For more information see http://www.edsglobal.com/ Media contact: Gutenberg Communications Pallavi Jha / Milan Mathias +91 9986997042 / +91 9008303377</p>     4-5-2013 0:00:005-5-2013 0:00:002-5-2013 8:55:07Indian Institute for Human Settlements and EDS477-iihs-and-environmental-design-solutions-announce-training-programme-on-passivePallavi Jhapallavi.j@gutenbergpr.comPunePune, Maharashtra
55476IIHS announces short course on ‘Sustainable Site Planning’EDUCPLAN012.971598777.59456269999998<p>Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), a national education institution, has announced a short course on &lsquo;Sustainable Site Planning&rsquo;. The course will be held at the IIHS City Campus, Bangalore from May 3-5, 2013. The aim of the course is to help the participants understand the importance of life-cycle approach to site planning. While site planning by architects and facility managers is often done with short-term aims in mind, it is important, if not critical for them to understand the long-term implications of their decisions. It is imperative to introduce a life-cycle approach to planning of sites in order to achieve higher standards in their overall performance parameters. The three day short course focuses on sustainable life-cycle oriented planning of sites &ndash; of between 10 and 200 acres, with a focus on greenfield residential development, as well as the re-imagination of existing corporate/institutional campuses.</p> <p>The course addresses these issues with a &lsquo;mainstream green&rsquo; approach. It covers green building codes and certification systems, while at the same time highlighting traditional/vernacular methods of achieving these results. The faculty for the programme is Mohan Rao, Senior Advisor, IIHS and Principal Architect, InDe, a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice in regional planning, environmental design and landscape architecture. He is an Environmental Design and Landscape architecture professional. He is actively involved in master planning of existing &amp; new settlements; ecological restoration/conservation; impact assessment of natural disasters, management &amp; reconstruction; resource assessment &amp; management; Conservation &amp; site interpretation of world heritage sites. Sanjay Prakash, Senior Advisor, IIHS and Principal Consultant, SHiFt: Studio for Habitat Futures is the other faculty member for this course.</p> <p>His area of practice and research over the last 30 years includes passive and low energy architecture and planning, hybrid air-conditioning, autonomous energy and water systems, bamboo and earth construction, community-based design of common property, and computer-aided design. Under his guidance, hundreds of people have developed capabilities in performing design, conceptual or management work in these areas. Date May 3-5, 2013 Time 9:00 AM &ndash; 7:00 PM Location IIHS Bangalore City Campus, No. 196/36, 2nd Main Road, Sadasivanagar Bengaluru - 560 080 Website http://www.iihs.co.in/programmes/upp/ssp/ssp-may-2013/ Contact Person Swastik Harish &ndash; 080 67606666</p>     3-5-2013 0:00:005-5-2013 0:00:002-5-2013 8:40:00Indian Institute for Human Settlements 476-iihs-announces-short-course-on-sustainable-site-planningPallavi Jhapallavi.j@gutenbergpr.comBangaloreBangalore, Karnātaka, India
56475Pedal SocialNGOOINCL0-23.33-46.38<p>Pedal Social is a free Bike sharing, for those who don&#39;t have money for public transport to commune.</p> <p>It works on weekdays and on weekends we use bikes to generate income for the teenagers that are in school. They have made themselves a historical neighborhood, bicycles are rented to tourists and the income goes to the family. In Cambuci neighborhood in Sao Paulo where he was deployed with the project BioUrban, the program is part of Pedal Social and Instituto Brasis, a partnership that aims to reduce costs of public transport participants, workers and generate income for adolescents at high risk and vulnerability social. The project is installed on a staircase in the neighborhood of Cambuci, which is an urban intervention whose goal is the development of an aesthetic renewal from within the communities (local tenements and Squatters), which creates opportunities for&nbsp;dialogue, conflict mediation and a bridge to discuss improving the local quality of life.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">It is also a social laboratory where learning is mutual and constant. </span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">The Pedal Project Social is not a model full of rules that the community needs to &quot;fit&quot; to be part of the program.&nbsp;Pedal Social is a learning process to involve the community. The whole process is built with and by the community, the bike&nbsp;are donated by the community, and management is shared locally, all control is done on trust among participants, the welfare generated by the program is shared among all. During the process of implementation of the program undergoes a first neighborhood urban intervention, it is very important that the community has identified with the project, recognize and reinforce the sense of belonging and &quot;ownership of space&quot; and the program. </span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">In </span>Cambuci<span style="line-height: 1.6em;"> the project had strong identification with children and adolescents from local communities, who have never had the possibility of having a bicycle thereby opened up a space for children appropriated the project. From the beginning children and adolescents received the project with open arms and the entire deployment process had strong participation of children. We had a very big concern to make children understand that the project is for Adults able to work weekdays and weekends there will be certain times that children and adolescents may make use of bicycles. The first bikes will be loaned on weekends for recreation of children, but the goal is that bicycles are &quot;leased&quot; to &quot;tourists&quot; so they know all the social project of the Brazil Institute at the region </span>Cambuci<span style="line-height: 1.6em;"> and </span>Ipiranga<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">, which involves several local communities, all the way done with the bike, driven by a teenager and entitled to a lunch within an educational occupation. </span></p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">The income generated will help the family of adolescents.</span></p> youtubeVoA6IchALS8#!http://www.pedalsocial.org@green_mobilityhttp://mobilidadeverde.org1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-4-2013 20:24:04Green Mobility Institute475-pedal-socialLincoln Paivalincoln@mobilidadeverde.orgSão Paulo - BrazilSão Paulo - Brazil
57474Urban Managua // Rethinking urbanity in the central area of Managua, NicaraguaEDUCINCL012.1363889-86.2513889<p>URBAN MANAGUA / Academic Partnership in Integrated Urban Development Studies &ndash; an interdisciplinary approach for the sustainable development of spontaneous human settlements in the central urban area of Managua/Nicaragua.</p> <p>urban_managua (UM) introduces creative urban design tools and innovative methodologies in urban studies in the curriculum of architecture and related disciplines (urban sociology, history, etc.) at Universidad Centroamericana (UCA). A main objective is the integration of academic, practical and socio-cultural approaches and the response to the needs/demands for improved living conditions in Spontaneous Human Settlements (SHS) in the central urban area of Managua/Nicaragua.</p> <p>Over a two-year period, the project has three interrelated specific objectives: Firstly, UM aims to strengthen educational and applied research skills in the academic curriculum of urban planners and researchers through an interdisciplinary partnership between the UCA, IEI, UT Vienna and other primary stakeholders in this field. Integrated Development Studies (IUDS) will be introduced and institutionalised in UCA&rsquo;s urban studies discipline and will allow an integral and interdisciplinary urban planning approach that is demand/needs-driven and community-based. A second objective is to foster a permanent South-South dialogue between academics and practitioners to strengthen the relation and cooperation between urban planning academics (&ldquo;know why&rdquo;) and practitioners (&ldquo;know how&rdquo;) on an international, regional (i.e. Central- and South American) and local level. Therefore national and international professionals act as guest lecturers in classes and give expert critiques on practical works. Thirdly, the project will also contribute to improving the local livelihood conditions of the families of Barrio La Candelaria, an informal settlement in the mere centre of Managua where the student workshop and accompanying academic research will take place throughout the project. Important is a Participatory Development Approach (PDA) on a local level throughout the project, which implements cultural activities to promote the local community&rsquo;s inclusion in the planning and research processes, thereby strengthening their sense of project ownership.</p> <p>The aim is therefore not only a theoretical one but also a specific contribution to poverty alleviation.</p> <p>Watch the video&nbsp;-&nbsp;<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oESxNwArdPQ&amp;feature=youtu.be">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oESxNwArdPQ&amp;feature=youtu.be</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oESxNwArdPQ&feature=youtu.behttp://www.urban-managua.org https://www.facebook.com/UrbanManagua1-10-2012 0:00:0030-9-2014 0:00:0015-4-2013 15:32:07Universidad Centroamericana / Viena University of Technology / Casa de los Tres Mundos474-urban-managua-rethinking-urbanity-in-the-central-area-of-managua-nicaraguaRoland Krebsroland.krebs@gmail.comManaguaManagua, Managua, Nicaragua
58473Zeeheldentuin The Garden of Sea HeroesASSOGREE052.081641829812514.292052458136027<p>The Zeehledntuin (Sea Heroes Garden) is a initiative of neighbours, inhabitants and entrepreneurs in the Zeeheldenkwartier to establish a nieghbourhood garden to eat, garden, play and meet. It was triggered by a specific site at the Tasmanstraat, that has been an empty lot ever since the local catholic school burned down, leaving only some large trees on a fenced large gap in the middle of this dense urban neighbourhood. The Zeeheldenkwartier is a very mixed an lively area closed to the centre and inhabited by a vide variety of social groups. Public live is however limited to few squares and caf&eacute;s and for children there is even less attractive public space. Neighbours took action, collecting signatures and money. The Zeeheldentuin is supported by a Housing Cooperation, the City and many private and company donations and a based on voluntary work of inhabitants, children, experts off-duty with various proffessional background or retired people. By 2013 an offer to buy the land and realise it with a adjacent social housing complex is almost settled to a deal, while the Dutch Housing sector hold it&#39;s breath in a reorganisation of the current housing regulatory measures. Meanwhile plans are being fine tuned and planting is expected in 2014.</p>  http://www.zeeheldentuin.nl https://www.facebook.com/Zeeheldentuin1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0014-4-2013 20:56:38Zeeheldentuin473-zeeheldentuin-the-garden-of-sea-heroesDaniel Jauslinjauslin@dgj.nlThe HagueThe Hague, South Holland, Netherlands
59472Adopt a flowerbed!ASSOGREE045.698264200000019.65546880512693<p>We are calling volunteers to action. The flowerbeds in our city are in a sad state due to financial difficulties. We decided to start doing some gardening ourselves, to help the roses, bushes and flowers in our neighbourhood to survive. We hope April 20th will be blessed by lovely weather so many people will join us!&nbsp;</p>  http://www.santalucia.bg.it  20-4-2013 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0014-4-2013 20:17:08Comitato Santa Lucia472-adopt-a-flowerbedNicoletta Colomboinfo@santalucia.bg.itBergamoBergamo, Lombardy, Italy
60471Culture and Arts: pushing the cultural bounderiesPRIVINCL0-23.5489433-46.6388182<p>FalaCultura is a project, recognized by the Brazilian Culture Ministry, that aims to expand cultural boundaries. Brazil is rich in cultural diversity and multiple artistic expressions. Unfortunately, most of the museums, cultural centers and theaters are concentrated in specific regions of the country, keeping a large part of the population left out. In this aspect, S&atilde;o Paulo is like a smaller version of Brazil. The city is known as a multicultural, diverse city, but most of its art venues are in downtown or the West Zone, while other areas lack of cultural infrastructure.</p> <p>At FalaCultura, we believe that technology and communication can be used to relieve the effects of this concentration of cultural venues. We use our known-how and tools to create a dynamic network. Working with museums and other cultural institutions, we create free guides, audioguides and virtual exhibitions to get the content closer to people from all around town. We are currently developing a crowd-sourced culture and arts agenda, that will enable anyone to update others on interesting events and exhibitions that are not in the mainstream, as well as a smartphone app for both consulting the agenda and hearing the audioguides.</p> youtubed_jqMQb9MNMhttp://www.falacultura.com@falaculturahttp://www.facebook.com/falacultura1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:001-4-2013 17:18:47FalaCultura471-culture-and-arts-pushing-the-cultural-bounderiesJuliana Piescojpiesco@falacultura.comSão PauloSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
61470Milano Città MetropolitanaPUBLPLAN045.46545429.186515999999983<p>L&rsquo;area metropolitana milanese &egrave; l&rsquo;agglomerato urbano pi&ugrave; ricco e produttivo del Paese. &Egrave; storicamente il centro economico d&rsquo;Italia e continua ancora oggi a garantire la creazione di circa il 10% del PIL nazionale. Poche realt&agrave; possono infatti vantare un sistema economico solido e ben bilanciato come quello milanese; tuttavia il mutato quadro economico internazionale non consente pi&ugrave; di affrontare in modo adeguato la competizione globale senza una nuova visione dello sviluppo capace di valorizzare appieno il potenziale dei sistemi territoriali locali. Una realt&agrave; come quella dell&rsquo;area metropolitana milanese, non pu&ograve; permettersi di non avere una struttura amministrativa adeguata che governi e integri funzioni fondamentali per la vita dei cittadini. Ad oggi la gestione di servizi importanti come il trasporto pubblico, il ritiro e lo smaltimento dei rifiuti, o della tutela dell&rsquo;ambientale e dello sviluppo economico &egrave; svolta in maniera frammentaria, senza un governo unitario.</p> <p>Tutte le grandi citt&agrave; hanno affrontato il tema della riforma dei loro sistemi di governo mettendo in campo nuove e differenti soluzioni istituzionali, tutte rivolte a dare una dimensione metropolitana al governo dei problemi e delle opportunit&agrave;. Per questo l&rsquo;Amministrazione Comunale di Milano vuole realizzare, in sinergia e collaborazione tra le Istituzioni e le forze economiche e sociali del territorio, una profonda trasformazione degli assetti istituzionali di governo dell&rsquo;area milanese dando vita alla costituzione della Citt&agrave; Metropolitana di Milano. Il Parlamento con la legge n. 135 del 7 agosto 2012 istituisce dal 1 gennaio 2014 le Citta Metropolitane di Roma, Torino, Milano, Venezia, Genova, Bologna, Firenze, Bari e Reggio Calabria, con contestuale soppressioe delle rispettive province. La medesima legge attribuisce alla Citt&agrave; metropolitana, oltre alle funzioni fondamentali delle province le seguenti funzioni fondamentali: pianificazione territoriale generale e delle reti infrastrutturali; strutturazione di sistemi coordinati di gestione dei servizi pubblici, nonch&eacute; organizzazione dei servizi pubblici di interesse generale di ambito metropolitano; mobilit&agrave; e viabilit&agrave;; promozione e coordinamento dello sviluppo economico e sociale.</p> <p>L&rsquo;attivazione del nuovo ente richiede una nuova disciplina dei rapporti fra i comuni facenti parte della citt&agrave; metropolitana e la definizione delle modalit&agrave; di organizzazione ed esercizio delle funzioni metropolitane. Tutto ci&ograve; confluir&agrave; nella definizione dello Statuto del nuovo Ente . Il Comune di Milano, anche in ragione del suo ruolo di capoluogo, &egrave; fortemente coinvolto nel processo istitutivo della Citt&agrave; Metropolitana.</p>  http://www.milanocittametropolitana.org@CittaMetropolit https://www.facebook.com/MilanoCittaMetropolitana1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0029-3-2013 11:39:28Comune di Milano e Centrostudi PIM470-milano-citt-metropolitanaFrancesco Locatellifrancescolocatelli@milanocittametropolitana.orgMilanoMilano, Lombardy, Italy
62469Street Belongs to Us!NGOOPLAN041.0052728.976959999999963<p>Cities in Turkey have low quality of streets and transportation systems. As pedestrians, cyclists, children, elderly or disabled people, we all have problems with transportation, when we are going home or to school or shopping. We have a hard time getting from one place to another because the cars are parking on the sidewalks and infrastructure is not convenient. Furthermore, the streets which are a main part of city life and public spaces are being overrun by vehicles forcing pedestrians elsewhere. &quot;Street Belongs to Us&quot; is a non-profit organization, which focuses on human-centered cities and streets in Istanbul. Organization makes different projects, interviews, events to make citizens aware of transportation and traffic problems &amp; alternatives. We are working in collaboration with other organizations that feel the same way about solving the problems.</p> <p>The most successful and well-known project of the organization is events called &ldquo;Streets Belongs To Us Once In A Month!&rdquo;. These events were organized to show people how they can benefit from their streets as a safe open public space and also to remind the street culture. The events were carried out in a street festival style, providing residents with an opportunity to allow their children to play in safe traffic-free open areas that would usually be danger zones. At each event a selected residential street was closed to motorized traffic on a Sunday. Street furniture and various art and sport installations were displayed to illustrate alternative uses for the street space that is lost to moving or parked cars. &ldquo;Streets Belongs to Us Once in a Month&rdquo; activities set out principles of good practice for a social action based on transport. It was placed in 12 different streets of Istanbul and made permanent physical changes in 3 streets.</p>  www.sokakbizim.org@sokakbizimhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Sokak-Bizim/1702435996823711-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0026-3-2013 17:00:25Street Belongs to Us Organization469-street-belongs-to-usArzu Erturanarzu.erturan@sokakbizim.orgIstanbulIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
63465EcoMobility World Festival 2013NGOOOTHE037.2635727127.02860090000001<p>EcoMobility World Festival 2013, taking place from 01 &ndash; 30 September, is an international gathering of leaders, businesses, organizations, experts and citizens in Suwon, South Korea, committed to an urban future beyond car dependency. The 2nd EcoMobility World Congress (01 &ndash; 04 September) provides the opportunity to participate in a global forum while experiencing simultaneously the ecomobile neighborhood. Festival participants will witness Haenggung-dong neighborhood residents adopt an ecomobile lifestyle &ndash; one prioritizing walking, cycling, public transport and light electric vehicles &ndash; providing future inspiration for a city designed for people, not cars. Alongside seminars, workshops, vehicle exhibitions and networking opportunities, a full program of entertainment events will engage local and international visitors alike with a spectacular fusion of Korean culture and EcoMobility activities. In brief, EcoMobility World Festival aims to highlight on the world stage how the adoption of integrated, socially inclusive, and healthy transport options by the Haenggung-dong residents positively influences their lifestyles and leads to new opportunities for using public space.</p>  www.ecomobilityfestival.org@ecomobility_https://www.facebook.com/ecomobilityfestival.org1-9-2013 0:00:0030-9-2013 0:00:0026-3-2013 11:11:29ICLEI & UN-Habitatwww.ecomobilityfestival.orgEilish O'Loughlinecomobility.festival@iclei.orgSuwonSuwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
64463Australian young planners- Innovating and leading in regional AustraliaASSORESI0-36.75871120000001144.28374589999999<p>Plan B is an association of undergraduate students, postgraduate students and allumni of the Planning and Community Development program, La Trobe University Bendigo. Through our scheduled events and projects, Plan B offers members the opportunity to build social and professional networks, and to gain additional hands-on experience during their time at university and beyond. Since its formation in 2010, Plan B has tirelessly worked to improve the resilience of rural and regional communities in Australia, particularly its home state of Victoria.</p> <p>For example, Plan B has strengthened the ability for communities to use mapping to assist in developing walking and cycling networks for their community, as well as disaster relief mapping in flood devastated Queensland through the MapMyTown initiative (http://www.victoriawalks.org.au/mapmytown/). Further, Plan B discussed Bendigo&#39;s future food security through Plan B&#39;s &#39;Food Futures&#39; forum (http://www.planb.org.au/events/fullhousefoodfuturesforumsuccess), whilst projects in 2013 aim to look at the use of space and the creation of valued places in Bendigo, and looking at ways of developing Victoria&#39;s 3rd largest cities as a &#39;Great University City&#39;. Plan B is regional Victoria&#39;s, and quite possibly Australia&#39;s, most hands-on and innovative group of young city changers.</p> youtubeIMbZ63jKsx0&feature=player_embeddedwww.planb.org.au@PlanBLaTrobehttp://www.facebook.com/groups/planblatrobe/1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0021-3-2013 1:13:40Plan B, La Trobe University Student Planner's Association463-australian-young-planners-innovating-and-leading-in-regional-australiaJames McLeanjjgmclean@live.comBendigoBendigo, Victoria, Australia
654622014 Student Design Competition “ Integrated Communities: A Society for All Ages”NGOOINCL040.7143528-74.0059731<p>Competition Background: The Integrated Communities: A Society for all Ages student design competition was established in 1994 to enhance understanding of the Age of Longevity and showcase innovative design solutions. This program is the centerpiece of the International Council for Caring Communities&rsquo; (ICCC) global dialogues; it endeavors to prepare the next generation of designers to enhance the quality of life for the growing graying society. The competition is organized in conjunction with the United Nations Programme for Human Settlements (UNHABITAT) and the United Nations Programme on Ageing, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the private sector. Furthermore, it is endorsed around the world by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.</p> <p>Overall Purpose: Competition&rsquo;s interrelated long-term goals are: 1. To raise the awareness of architectural and design students to the needs of older persons; 2. To increase cross-cultural understanding; 3. To incorporate the growing role of ICT in communities; 4. To encourage a close connection between proposed solutions and the real world. Past competitions have influenced local planning, educational curricula, encouraged dialogue and established new mindsets; they all deal with inclusive communities, created through a combination of new construction, renovation, reuse and environmental intervention. Through its efforts, this student competition seeks to encourage concepts and projects, which can address the needs and aspirations of multi-generational communities.</p> <p>Eligibility: Any current architectural student or team of students in good standing in either a graduate or undergraduate program worldwide.</p> <p>Deadlines: To enter the competition, an individual or teams of students must register electronically on the www.international-iccc.org entry form. The entries are due on or before 15 September 2013 and projects must be postmarked by 31 December 2013 and sent to ICCC, 24 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019, USA. No projects postmarked after 31 December 2013 will be accepted. Awards: Awards include: First Prize: US $10,000; Second Prize: US $5,000; Third Prize: US $2,500. Jury: An international jury of renowned architects, gerontologists, and United Nations officials will judge the entries in January 2014. Exhibitions: The 2014 Cycle has special significance, for it will offer winners worldwide exposure at two important international venues: The United Nations 52nd Session of the Commission for Social Development at United Nations Headquarters, and the 2014 World Urban Forum, Colombia. Other exhibitions will be held in conjunction with international events in China and Brazil, United Nations Regional Commissions and other world venues.</p> <p>Why a Competition? The Competition reinforces the notion that the next generation must, and can, proactively plan for a society of diverse ages, and for one with increasing proportions of older persons. It is, after all, going to fall on their shoulders to find solutions and support for an everincreasing population of elderly people. The Competition is aimed at answering the following questions:</p> <p>&ldquo;These students are the builders, designers, planners, innovators &ndash; literally, the architects of the future. Although they have yet to begin their professional careers, each winner presented an outstanding example of what can be accomplished with truly creative thinking.&rdquo; Professor Dianne Davis, Founding President, ICCC</p>  http://www.international-iccc.org/studentdesign.htm  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0019-3-2013 16:45:46International Council for Caring Communities462-2014-student-design-competition-integrated-communities-a-society-for-all-agesRosa Surinachsurinach@un.orgNew York CityNew York City, New York, United States
66461Thrilla in ManilaASSORESI0200<p>We are looking at the conditions for social urban transformation in slum upgrading. This includes community-led practices in urban development ranging from innovative finance mechanisms, participatory housing and infrastructure upgrading and transformative political processes of inclusion, conflict management and collaboration. By supporting the advancement and use of methodologies and tools in community-driven development via mapping, planning, design, management, recover and rehabilitation of housing, land and settlement with Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc (TAMPEI) in Metro Manila, loilo City, Digos City, Mandaue City and Rodriguez Municipality, we can explore the concept of area planning for new communities. We work with many vulnerable communities exposed to flooding and evictions and with the use fo savings groups, help leverage the communities in negotiations with landowners and other stakeholders. We collaborate with community architects as well as students and are looking at having a more city wide perspective when addressing issues.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0019-3-2013 4:44:27Asian Coalition of Housing Rights461-thrilla-in-manilaZahra Kassamzakassam@gmail.comManilaManila
67460Working CitiesINDIPROD0200<p>Working Cities es una estrategia urbana que tiene como objetivo multiplicar el espacio p&uacute;blico en las principales zonas laborales de las ciudades mediante el intercambio de beneficios entre el sector p&uacute;blico y el privado, proporcionando a los trabajadores zonas de ocio, recreaci&oacute;n y ejercicio. Con ayuda de la participaci&oacute;n ciudadana generadora de propuestas de dise&ntilde;o, y los recursos obtenidos por la estrategia, se modificar&aacute;n espacios residuales de la ciudad o se crear&aacute;n nuevos espacios p&uacute;blicos, equipamiento urbano y actividades de mantenimiento para los mismos.</p>  http://estrategiascolectivas.com/  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0012-3-2013 18:11:37estrategiascolectivas460-working-citiesJuan Jose Barrios Avalosarqbaaj@hotmail.comMexico DFMexico DF
68459Brief tour of buildings of NairobiFRIEOTHE0200<p>A brief tour of the buildings of Nairobi &lsquo;For anyone interested in learning about the history of the architecture of Nairobi, this book provides a great overview of the city&rsquo;s most prominent buildings, whose histories span from ... the British Occupation to the modern era&rsquo;. Authors, Yuko Iwatani and Evelyne Wanjiku FOREWORD by Prof. Wangari Maatha</p>    http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Buildings-of-Nairobi/1742698326721391-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0012-3-2013 10:28:22Yuko Iwatani and Evelyne Wanjiku459-brief-tour-of-buildings-of-nairobiEvelyne Wanjikubuildingsofnairobi@gmail.comNairobiNairobi
69458Mural CityASSORESI0200<p>Mural City is a community social-artistic project created by Colectivo Tomate seeking to rescue urban spaces while regenerating communities through social processes; resulting in the creation of murals that disclose the identity of those involved. Xanenetla, one of the oldest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Puebla, hosts the largest number of murals created as part of this project, 52 in total. These murals were conceived, designed and painted by the community, together with artists, designers and many volunteers summoned by Colectivo Tomate to revive the economy, improve the urban environment and reinforce the sense of community of the barrio. Different free activities and workshops, aimed at raising awareness, respect and participation, are organized parallel to the creation of the murals. Ciudad Mural has resulted in the participation of the community towards a common welfare, less crime rate within the barrio and has changed the preconception the citizens had of a neighborhood that was considered dangerous. The youth and children of the neighborhood have been involved in the creation of something that has a positive impact on their self-esteem and the discovery of talents, while young people were able to use their artistic skills in a constructive, not destructive manner.</p> youtubeQprF-CocyVEhttp://colectivotomate.com/index.php/ciudad-mural/puebla/xanenetla/murales-xanenetla@pueblacdmuralhttps://www.facebook.com/pueblamuralpuebla1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0011-3-2013 23:42:23Colectivo Tomate458-mural-cityVica Amuchasteguivica@colectivotomate.comPuebla Puebla, Mexico
70456Belgrade Critical MassASSOSAFE0200<p>Ulice za bicikliste is an independent organization committed to improving biking conditions and increasing the visibility of cyclists in highly-trafficked areas of Belgrade. We hope to see cycling and walking culture overtake car culture, which is outdated and in many ways threatens citizens&rsquo; well-being. At the start of our monthly rides, we started every last Friday of a month, but in order to make it more visited and popular, we moved it to Saturday. It&#39;s a monthly mass bicycle ride with a goal to promote the need for traffic safety and lessen the number of cars in Belgrade which are causing pedestrian and bicyclists deaths and injuries almost everyday. Our goal is to promote smart city planning and to make all the streets in the city core interesting, clean, colorful social places which will be safe for the smallest kid and promote smart, clean and safe ways of mobility.</p> youtube5F2zwuIoHZshttp://www.uzb.rs@ugUZBhttp://www.facebook.com/uguzb29-4-2011 0:00:0025-4-2020 0:00:0011-3-2013 22:47:37Ulice za bicikliste456-belgrade-critical-massMiloš Lazićulicezabicikliste@gmail.comBelgradeBelgrade
71455Promoting Urban InnovationPRIVRESI041.38506392.1734034999999494<p>A methodology for urban innovation Urbis Up is a young consultancy managed by Civil Engineer David Bl&aacute;zquez Aguirre, placed in Barcelona. We try to work for the development of cities bringing new solutions to their management and sustainability and we work in the transformation to the smart and resilient city, identifying new and innovative projects and promoting innovation in the field of urban planning, infrastructure, energy and the environment. Nowadays we are working in a new methodology for urban innovation in collaboration with Barcelona City Council. With this new methodology we try to achive:</p> <p>1)Acting in line with the strategy of the entire city while considering the interests of the same.</p> <p>2)Optimize the allocation of human and material resources to the innovation process</p> <p>3)Limiting the risk of innovation. Innovate effectively developing ideas that are useful to the city</p> <p>4)Consider the temporal component of the innovation 5)Increase the creation of synergies between different infrastructures We have develope an idea screening, seen as a filter that has the potential to move forward ideas studied in order to be accepted in order to develop an innovative project around it.</p> <p>This filter is coordinated through a set of thirty questions divided into four main aspects to evaluate include: innovation and technological aspects, economic, social and environmental aspects. The result is a model that includes all aspects of the city in the area of decision and which may easily be copied by and adapted to other cities in the world.</p>  "http://www.urbisup.com/"  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:005-3-2013 11:44:21Urbis UP - David Blázquez Aguirre455-promoting-urban-innovationDavid Blázquez Aguirredblazquez@urbisup.comBarcelonaBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
72454BURA:BUEA URBAN REGENERATION ASSOCIATION.NGOOPLAN0200<p>We are launching a campaign for urban youth space in the Buea municipality in South west region Cameroon.We look forward to have a recreation centre for youths in Buea to accommodate thousands of youths who come into the city for education and other purposes. Following the recent demolition by the Buea rural council no plan has been made for urban youth space.So under the auspices of Cameroon Vision Trust We look forward to raise awareness of youth space in this urban city.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-3-2013 23:39:35CAMEROON VISION TRUST.454-burabuea-urban-regeneration-associationJohn. A.Mbengrevgentleman@yahoo.comBUEABUEA,CAMEROON
73452IluminactionPUBLINCL0200<p>IlluminAction was the result of a series of urban action workshops led by UrbanoActivo, an 11-member multi-disciplinary collective for the discussion and experimentation of the limits of public space in Puerto Rico. The group was looking to find new ways of perceiving these relationships to make the city a more connected and livable place for all. UA chose a street in the heart of the city, Calle Luis B. Romano, as the spot for the intervention. This historically neglected street is a vital pedestrian connector to the Rio Piedras train station, but had no illumination, which made it unsafe for pedestrians to walk from the station into the surrounding streets at night. The group decided to reclaim this public space by creating a public event with an open call for the community to bring illumination back into the street. The result was an evening filled with film projections, DIY light installations, glow-in-the-dark art murals, stilt dancers and musical performances. A petition letter addressed to the Mayor was circulated during the evening asking for the street illumination to be reinstalled. Two weeks later the street light posts were reinstalled bringing illumination back into the street.</p> vimeo33707745http://www.urbanoactivo.com/https://twitter.com/urbanoactivo 1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0028-2-2013 20:57:59Urbano Activo452-iluminactionAndrea Bauzaandrea@urbanoactivo.comSan JuanSan Juan, Puerto Rico
74451Red Box ProjectNGOOGREE049.261226-123.1139268<p>In order to educate the local community about locally grown food, FUN Champs David and Emre have been pursuing their ideas to install community garden planter boxes in their city. FUN Society is an organization dedicating to educating youth about their environment, and the FUN Champs program gives kids like David and Emre who come up with innovative ideas to implement them in their communities. Along with the installation of their boxes, David and Emre plan to manage workshops to teach others about the importance of healthy, local food.</p> youtube_ACp1D_nEQ8http://www.funsociety.ca/Home.html https://www.facebook.com/FUNSociety1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0027-2-2013 7:44:12FUN Society451-red-box-projectBriannafunmentorvancouver@gmail.comVancouverVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
75449Sustainable Mobility in Romanian CitiesPRIVPLAN045.78744124.143258999999944<p>More and more crowded and polluted, the urban and peri-urban areas of the European countries are today confronted with the necessity of developing infrastructure integrated transport systems that would meet sustainable mobility principles. They have to observe the guidelines of the European Union in terms of environmental protection while meeting social problems as well. However, in Romania, the development of such transport systems faces a series of obstacles and those related to the legislative framework are among the most pressing.</p> <p>Lacking functional transport authorities and coherent legislation compliant to European Union requirements, connections between cities and their surroundings are primitive to the passenger&rsquo;s detriment and implicitly create social and economic disadvantages in developing the entire area. How can this situation be radically changed and what are the technical solutions for reducing pollution and creating performing traffic?</p>  www.clubmetropolitan.ro  20-3-2013 0:00:0021-3-2013 0:00:0025-2-2013 21:34:05Club Metropolitan449-sustainable-mobility-in-romanian-citiesCristina Trifoncristina.trifon@clubmetropolitan.roSibiuSibiu, Sibiu, Romania
76448The URBAN HUSBAND ProjectINDIGREE0200<p>The URBAN HUSBAND Project represents a unique ecological approach to the built environment that posits mediation as commitment to the Geddesian motto, By Leave We Live.&rdquo; This project seeks to cultivate a psychological posture responsive to the exigencies of the urban environment through a three-fold strategy that includes: 1) Capital development which incubates a ground of experience, 2) Equity appreciation which organizes a community of practice, and 3) Access acceleration which activates the built environment.</p> <p>The URBAN HUSBAND Project seeks to disrupt the normative patterns of Capitalist consumption through the development of human capital that will circulate within the indigenous ecological process of the Flatbush community. Specifically, this project seeks to increase accessibility to public spaces in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0018-2-2013 15:27:00Chris M Jones448-the-urban-husband-projectCHRIS M JONEScmjones@muppynyc.comBrooklynBrooklyn, NY
77446Public transport can be saferPRIVOTHE012.97452609726132777.60417573710936<p>Public transport is undeniably a sustainable mode of transport for any city. But in several over populated cities, they have to vie for limited space with other modes of transport and hawkers and this leads to several problems. In our city and several other Indian cities the very act of ingress and egress has become very difficult and this hampers the utility and acceptance of public transport.</p> <p>Buses are forced to park randomly even in the middle of the road at bus stops and commuters have to dangerously weave in and out of traffic. This erratic parking also blocks other traffic and leads to congestion, road rage and altercations, not to mention fuel wastage and increased emissions. Government, academic agencies and citizen groups have experimented with several soft solutions to ensure that the simple act of ensuring that a bus stops only at a bus stop and as close to the kerb as possible to facilitate easy boarding and alighting, but have failed to yield results.</p> <p>We, as a socially responsible R&amp;D organization, undertook a thorough survey to fully understand the problem and then spent 2 years to perfect a concept which is infallible. We call this the &quot;Invisible Bus Bay&quot; system. We are presently interacting with several NGO&#39;s, state transport corporations and citizen initiatives to spread awareness and make public transport safer and more convenient.</p>  http://www.invisiblebusbay.com@invisiblebusbayhttp://www.facebook.com/invisible.bus.bay1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0017-2-2013 5:13:35Invisible Bus Bay446-public-transport-can-be-saferChetan Prasadchetan@invisiblebusbay.comBangalore - bengaluruBangalore - bengaluru, Karnātaka, India
78444Projeto Criança Pequena em FocoNGOOINCL0-22.9035393-43.20958689999998<p>As crian&ccedil;as raramente s&atilde;o perguntadas sobre como percebem o lugar onde moram, quais suas opini&otilde;es sobre os aspectos positivos e negativos da favela e quais mudan&ccedil;as elas gostariam que ocorressem em suas comunidades. O projeto Crian&ccedil;a Pequena em Foco, desenvolvido pelo CECIP- Centro de Cria&ccedil;&atilde;o de Imagem Popular, em parceria com o Instituto Pereira Passos, e com o apoio da Funda&ccedil;&atilde;o Bernard van Leer, est&aacute; interessado em saber como as crian&ccedil;as compreendem tais quest&otilde;es. Por isso, foram desenvolvidas, ao longo de 2012, oficinas com cerca de 100 crian&ccedil;as, com idades entre 4 e 12 anos, frequentadoras de institui&ccedil;&otilde;es comunit&aacute;rias e moradoras das favelas Santa Marta, Babil&ocirc;nia e Chap&eacute;u-Mangueira.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>O objetivo &eacute; compreender a perspectiva das crian&ccedil;as sobre esses assuntos, para que suas opini&otilde;es sirvam como subs&iacute;dio na orienta&ccedil;&atilde;o de pol&iacute;ticas p&uacute;blicas nos territ&oacute;rios, no planejamento de projetos de infraestrutura e no projeto de constru&ccedil;&atilde;o de equipamentos urbanos a elas direcionados. Diversas metodologias participativas foram utilizadas como, por exemplo, a constru&ccedil;&atilde;o de mapas afetivos e passeios fotogr&aacute;ficos. Durante as oficinas realizadas pela equipe do CECIP, as crian&ccedil;as demonstraram ter uma percep&ccedil;&atilde;o complexa e questionadora sobre a vida na favela. Elas consideram como problemas s&eacute;rios de suas comunidades a m&aacute; conserva&ccedil;&atilde;o dos lugares onde brincam, a precariedade das moradias, o barulho, a conviv&ecirc;ncia di&aacute;ria com lixo, valas de esgoto a c&eacute;u aberto e ratazanas. Em 2013 o Projeto Crian&ccedil;a Pequena em Foco acontecer&aacute; em outros territ&oacute;rios, buscando a incorpora&ccedil;&atilde;o de uma pr&aacute;tica de escuta de crian&ccedil;as nas interven&ccedil;&otilde;es urbanas promovidas pelo poder p&uacute;blico.</p> youtube5XJQYAfv3i4http://www.cecip.org.br/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=365&Itemid=348 http://www.facebook.com/pages/CECIP-Centro-de-Cria%C3%A7%C3%A3o-de-Imagem-Popular/3150352494961-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0015-2-2013 16:58:42CECIP - Centro de Criação de Imagem Popular444-projeto-criana-pequena-em-focoMoana Van de Beuquemoana@cecip.org.brRio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
79443Alquiler de vehículos entre particulares, nuevas oportunidades para los propietarios y los conductoresPRIVGREE041.38506392.1734034999999494<p>SOCIAL CAR es el primer servicio de alquiler de coches de persona a persona en Espa&ntilde;a. Alquila un coche al lado de tu casa por horas, d&iacute;as o semanas al mejor precio o comparte tu coche. Social Car permite a propietarios de coches particulares alquilar sus veh&iacute;culos, aprovechando el tiempo en que no se utilizan y permanecen aparcados, obteniendo un ingreso extra. http://www.socialcar.com/acerca-de PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES: http://www.socialcar.com/como-funciona/preguntas-frecuentes-conductores http://www.socialcar.com/como-funciona/preguntas-frecuentes propietarios Descripci&oacute;n Ofrecemos la posibilidad de acceder a una variada gama de coches, que puedan cubrir necesidades diferentes en funci&oacute;n del momento: una tarde de compras, un d&iacute;a en la playa, una visita a un cliente, una escapada de fin de semana... Adem&aacute;s con SOCIAL CAR juntos colaboramos por una movilidad m&aacute;s SOSTENIBLE e INTELIGENTE</p> youtube9LZa9jlNH6Ehttp://www.socialcar.com/https://twitter.com/SocialCarComhttps://www.facebook.com/social.car1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0012-2-2013 17:20:14SocialCar.com443-alquiler-de-vehculos-entre-particulares-nuevas-oportunidades-para-los-propietarAlexandraaramio@socialcar.comBarcelonaBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
80442Prosperity of Cities – South Meets NorthPUBLINCL040.7143528-74.0059731<blockquote> <p>The High-Level Working Session on &ldquo;Prosperity in Cities &ndash; South Meets North&rdquo; is part of the &ldquo;Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hop. Imagining the Possible&rdquo; Dialogue Series which addresses the numerous opportunities and challenges facing a rapidly urbanizing world. An international expert group composed of government representatives, private sector entrepreneurs, educators, health and cultural experts will leverage their insights and expertise in addressing one of the themes of the 21st Century: Prosperity of Cities.</p> <p>The &ldquo;State of the World Cities 2013-2013&rdquo; Report, focused on this subject, and the &ldquo;City Prosperity Index&rdquo; measurement tool will be presented during the Session. Panelists will combine their knowledge and skills towards developing a holistic approach to connecting the generations utilizing the non-traditional interaction of culture, tourism, Agequake, water/energy and the digital future on urbanization.</p> <p>The Session will be held during the 51st Session of the Commission for Social Development and is co-organized by UN-Habitat (the UN Human Settlements Programme), and the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC), in collaboration with Member States, other UN agencies and Habitat agenda partners, including the private sector, academia, and other civil society organizations.</p> <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">This Session builds upon to reexamine, rethink and redefine current practices and identify viable recommendations for scaling-up successful projects and stimulating new concepts.&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">It will aim to lay the framework for bringing together visionary ideas and practical solutions that can be implemented on the road to the Post 2015 Development Agenda and Habitat III Conference in 2016.</span></p> </blockquote>    https://www.facebook.com/events/185199688270327/?context=create8-2-2013 0:00:008-2-2013 0:00:004-2-2013 17:22:01UN-Habitat NYC442-prosperity-of-cities-south-meets-northUN-Habitat NYChabitatny@un.orgNew York CityNew York City, New York, United States
81441Art-SOStain (ArtSostoyanie in Russian)FRIEPROD0200<p>To change appearance of monotonous industrial landscape group of Togliatti creative managers and businessmen created a project ArtSOStain. They&#39;ve managed to attract many artists, from professionals to students to create art-objects in the city most attended places. Now they are looking forward to the next phase: creating museum expositions and changing interiors of educational establishments, combining last inventions in paint technology and innovative art approaches.</p> youtube37H6LQiTzUkhttp://vk.com/artsos http://www.facebook.com/groups/ARTSOS/1-3-2012 0:00:001-3-2015 0:00:001-2-2013 3:41:39ArtSostoyanie group (Sergei Rybkin and Olga Valenchiz)441-art-sostain-artsostoyanie-in-russianVladislav Radkovvladradkov@gmail.comTogliattiTogliatti
82440International Conference on Peace and Sustainable Development(ICPSD2013)NGOOGREE036.191111144.00916670000004<p>It has been claimed that Erbil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in history.[9] The Neo-Sumerian ruler of Ur, Amar-Sin sacked Urbilum in his second year, Erbil was under the Assyrian Empire from around 2000 BC until 608 BC, and it remained part of the Assyrian province under Persian, Greek, Parthian, Roman and Sassanid rule</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0028-1-2013 21:25:50IIKSD440-international-conference-on-peace-and-sustainable-developmenticpsd2013Bahman Zareizarei.b@gmail.comErbilErbil, Arbīl, Iraq
83438Online Conference eLaboratory to Design New Operating System for cityASSORESI052.37021574.895167899999933<p>The Integral City 2.0 Online Conference gathered 60 visionary thought leaders, designers andpractitioners, with 600 participants from 6 continents, to inquire into how to design a new operating system for the city. The 12-day Conference allowed exploration of each of the 12intelligences from the book &quot;Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive &quot;,&nbsp;and their contributions to city vitality.</p> vimeo47511734http://www.scribd.com/doc/120002712/Integral-City-2-0-Online-Conference-Proceedings-Executive-SummaryiCity Collectivehttp://www.facebook.com/IntegralCityCollective4-9-2012 0:00:0027-9-2012 0:00:0028-1-2013 20:37:38Integral City Collective438-online-conference-elaboratory-to-design-new-operating-system-for-cityMarilyn Hamiltonmarilyn@integralcity.comAmsterdamAmsterdam
84434Understanding the production of urban vulnerabilityINDIRESI0-42.9167-72.7167<p>This research project aims to better understand urban vulnerability by analysing different drivers of its production, reproduction and progression. Chait&eacute;n was affected by a volcano eruption in 2008 and this projects seeks to trace back the root causes of the disasters from a socio-economic and political perspective.</p>  http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/dpu/people/students/phd-profiles/vicente-sandoval  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0026-1-2013 10:19:12Vicente Sandoval and Development Planning Unit, UCL434-understanding-the-production-of-urban-vulnerabilityVicente Sandovalvicente.sandoval.11@ucl.ac.ukChaiténChaitén, Los Lagos, Chile
85433Dar es Salaam Urban Regenerative Association (DURA)NGOORESI0-6.82292139.26966100000004<p>Under the Dar es Salaam Urban Regenerative Association (DURA): We provide awareness and social mobilization, project formulation, implementation, policy analysis and planning , media, capacity building, advocacy lobbying and networking, Research and service and infrastructure provision to build a resilient community in Dar es Salaam as a model for African Cities.</p>  www.ecovillage.org  1-2-2013 0:00:002-11-2013 0:00:0026-1-2013 3:49:46Ikra Educational Training Centre (IETC) Tanzania433-dar-es-salaam-urban-regenerative-association-duraRosemary Olive Mbone Enierosemaryenie@gmail.comDar es SalaamDar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
86432Comunidades Sostenibles en GalápagosNGOOPLAN0-0.7465670652496184-90.31177435075682<p>Articulate and promote citizen action to monitor their quality of life in Galapagos, as the responsibility role of citizen for sustainable development of the islands and the promotion of a culture of sustainability. We propose to consolidate mechanisms to raise awareness of responsible public perception as the main tool to generate new imagery and consensus for the Buen Vivir and building sustainable communities in the Galapagos.</p>  www.funcavid.org@FuncavidGalhttp://www.facebook.com/comunidades.sostenibles1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0026-1-2013 1:04:18Fundación Un Cambio por la Vida432-comunidades-sostenibles-en-galpagosDaniel Proañodanielproanob@gmail.comPuerto AyoraPuerto Ayora, Galápagos, Ecuador
87430Ecological Alphabetization for Sustainable, Resilient and Regenerative CitiesNGOOOTHE0-22.9035393-43.20958689999998<p>We are an NGo that has worked to raise awareness, educate and look for creative 21st Century urban interventions alternatives. We have: organized lectures open to the public and transdisciplanary short term courses; hparticipated in the Environmental City Council in the last year, but have decided to quit because the decisions are being taken behind closed doors, without effective participation; participated in the ScenaRio 2012; maintained an active website/blog to publicize new findings in urban solutions; participated in different actions to protect urban biodiversity. In 2013 we will focus on Ecological Alphabetization to try to change hearts and minds of entrepreneurs, decision makers, urban residents, students etc.</p> youtubemgYnXK0UBYAwww.inverde.org https://www.facebook.com/inverde?ref=tn_tnmn1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0025-1-2013 20:44:23INVERDE430-ecological-alphabetization-for-sustainable-resilient-and-regenerative-citiesCecilia Herzogceciliapherzog@gmail.comRio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
88429International Conference on Peace and Sustainable Development(ICPSD2013)NGOOGREE036.191111144.00916670000004<p>It has been claimed that Erbil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in history.[9] The Neo-Sumerian ruler of Ur, Amar-Sin sacked Urbilum in his second year, Erbil was under the Assyrian Empire from around 2000 BC until 608 BC, and it remained part of the Assyrian province under Persian, Greek, Parthian, Roman and Sassanid rule.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0025-1-2013 20:13:46IIKSD429-international-conference-on-peace-and-sustainable-developmenticpsd2013Bahman Zareizarei.b@gmail.comErbilErbil, Arbīl, Iraq
89422Passer-by, journalism specialized in citiesNGOOPLAN019-99<p>The compilation and sharing of quality information about sustainable transportation, public spaces and urban development mainly of interest in Mexican cities but with an eye on state of the art arguments on the subject.</p> youtubeOeAnuDnYi8c&feature=player_embeddedhttp://mexico.transeunte.orghttps://twitter.com/transeunteorghttp://www.facebook.com/transeunteorg1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0022-1-2013 2:04:17ITDP México422-transente-periodismo-especializado-en-la-ciudadcontacto@transeunte.orgjorge.matali@itdp.orgCiudad de MéxicoCiudad de México, DF
90420Culture , history and sustainable development (return to future )NGOOGREE03644<p>Among historians, the most accepted terminology of the word Erbil is derived from the Assyrian language which means four gods (arba&#39;ū ilū). The city was a centre for the worship of the goddess Ishtar. In classical times the city was known by its Aramaic name, Arbela. In Old Persian the city was called Arbairā. The name Erbil was mentioned in Sumerian holy writings (c. 2000 BC) as Urbilum, Urbelum or Urbillum. Today, the modern Kurdish name of the city, Hawler, appears to be a corruption of the local Neo-Aramaic name Arbel by a series of metatheses of consonants. It has been claimed that Erbil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in history. The Citadel of Arbil is a tell or occupied mound, in the historical heart of Erbil, rising between 25 and 32 metres (82 and 105 ft) from the surrounding plain. The buildings on top of the tell stretch over a roughly oval area of 430 by 340 metres (1,410 ft &times; 1,120 ft) occupying 102,000 square metres (1,100,000 sq ft). It has been claimed that the site is the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world.</p>     1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0019-1-2013 13:52:37International Institute for Kurdistan Sustainable Development(IIKSD)420-culture-history-and-sustainable-development-rutern-to-futureBahman Zareizarei.b@gmail.comErbilErbil
91419Seoul and KoreaINDIPLAN037.553016126.97264199999995<p>The website &quot;Seoul and Korea&quot; is the first and only webpage in English exclusively about transportation and urban planning of South Korea. Regularly new posts about important trends, policies and best-practices are being posted. The content is directly translated from Korean news articles and announcement of the official ministries related to the area of transport and urban development. The author uses his knowledge of urban geography to analyze the current situation and possible development in the future. Some of the topics are BRT, Korean tram system, new city projects (like Sejong City and Songdo) and public transport. Besides, international trends are projected to the specific case of South Korea. Even though there should be no new posts, news reports and other interesting links about Korea are shared daily on Twitter (@inschallah).</p> <p>The goal of the blog is on the one side to raise awareness in the English-speaking community of Korea for public transport and urban space and on the other side, to show Korea that a global audience acknowledges the efforts towards sustainable transport and sustainable living in South Korea.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">This should enhance discussion, evaluation and popularity of projects in Korea, which would be otherwise only known among Korean speaking planners. In addition, the blog is a watchdog of the decisions made by the Korean government. Seoul needs to understand that it has a function of a role model for other rising cities and therefore, the urban planners have a leading role to accomplish a lot of best practices.</span></p>  http://seoulandkorea.blogspot.com@inschallahhttps://www.facebook.com/SeoulAndKorea1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0015-1-2013 12:42:31Nikola Medimorec419-seoul-and-koreaNikola Medimorecnikola.medimorec@gmail.comSeoulSeoul, Seoul, South Korea
92417Harrismith’s Online CommunityPRIVOTHE0-28.283333329.133333300000004<p>Welcome to Harrismith.co, the home of Harrismith&rsquo;s online community. We are proud to showcase our picturesque surroundings and boast with our vibrant community. The website aims to provide both community members and visitors a virtual gateway to Harrismith and its community. Harrismith.co is an initiative by the community, for the community. We invite all residents of Harrismith to share their stories, news and pictures.</p>  http://harrismith.co/ http://www.facebook.com/Harrismith.co1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0013-1-2013 22:05:56Harrismith.co417-harrismiths-online-communityPhilip Cronjephilip@harrismith.coHarrismithHarrismith, Free State, South Africa
93416#LoxaEsMásPUBLINCL0-3.990138-79.20445999999998<p>Explain in one sentence:Loxa is more, much more, seeks to amplify the voices of the citizens of the great city skylines of Loxa using technology as an ally.Explain in a paragraph:# LoxaEsM&aacute;s is a civic-minded group that aims to promote citizen participation in democracy and governance through alternative routes to traditional politics play a proactive role and provider through the use of ICTs and social networks. Democracy should not be reduced only to vote in an election every four years, or the answer to governance should be the sum of complaints and criticisms sterile.</p> <p>Before the Internet / social networking capacity of civic organization was complex and expensive, today we see the possibility of bringing together hope participation proposals through a mature use of these tools, creating a sense of belonging among the citizens about their environment in a flat hierarchy and constant dialogue between all parties. # LoxaEsM&aacute;s as a social movement is not intended as a political party in search of a choice but to form a group that through a broad forum is active and constantly monitor the proposals of the candidates, and governance of these when they are elected.</p> vimeoloxesmas/hacksdel2012www.loxaesmas.org@loxaesmashttps://www.facebook.com/loxaesmas?fref=ts1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:008-1-2013 15:07:56Colectivo #LoxaEsMás416-loxaesmsAlvaro Castillogenesys33@loxaesmas.orgLojaLoja, Loja, Ecuador
94415 CRREW: Sandy ReliefFRIERESI040-73<p>Every Tuesday CRREW is offering ear acupuncture and reflexology and teaching self-help techniques to help reduce some of the stress endured as a result of Sandy. There is no cost. 273 Bowery, at Houston, behind Whole Foods,. Ask downstairs what room we are in!</p>  www.crrew.org CRREW8-1-2013 0:00:008-1-2013 0:00:007-1-2013 0:01:17CRREW:Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness:415-crrew-sandy-reliefWendy henrycrrewResponds@gmail.comNYCNYC
95414Dare to make positive ImpactPUBLPLAN035.696111151.4230556<p>Our vision towards changing the world to achieve, peace and fulfillment of human kind potential.&nbsp;By exploring and developing youth&nbsp;to be changing&nbsp;agents of positive impact. Simply the output besides the direct impact on society will be a person which dare to change his/her environment.How? We have 5 special attitude which help us to make it happen:Social responsibility, entrepreneurship outlook, emotional intelligence, proactive learning and global mindset.By what? Simply by activating leadership throw our diverse programs, which is voluntary&nbsp;part of programs that have direct impact on our environment .</p>  www.aiesec.ir  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:005-1-2013 19:13:12AIESEC in IRAN414-dare-to-make-positive-impactAmir Arsalan Farhadkouhiarsalan.farhady@gmail.comTehranTehran, Tehrān, Iran
96412Velho Recife NovoFRIEINCL0-8.063285707561379-34.870956417382786<p>Oito especialistas de diversas &aacute;reas (arquitetura e urbanismo, economia, engenharia, geografia, hist&oacute;ria e sociologia) opinam sobre a no&ccedil;&atilde;o de espa&ccedil;o p&uacute;blico no Recife e destacam temas como: a hist&oacute;ria do espa&ccedil;o p&uacute;blico na cidade, o efeito dos projetos de grande impacto no espa&ccedil;o urbano, modos de morar recifense, a rela&ccedil;&atilde;o entre a rua e os edif&iacute;cios, a qualidade dos espa&ccedil;os p&uacute;blicos, legisla&ccedil;&atilde;o urbana, gest&atilde;o e pol&iacute;ticas p&uacute;blicas e mobilidade.contraventorecife@gmail.com</p> vimeo40913933http://vimeo.com/40913933  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-12-2012 13:00:14Contravento412-velho-recife-novoLívia Nóbregalivianobrega@gmail.comRecifeRecife, Pernambuco, Brazil
97408Alphabet CityINDIRESI042.656623721.14478710000003<p>My project is to build a city according to the alphabetic letters, where buildings are built in the shape of letters, for this reason is named City of Alphabet.It would be peaceful for all people in the world.</p>    www.facebook.com/ediskras12-12-2012 0:00:004-4-2044 0:00:0018-12-2012 19:04:33Endrit Krasniqi408-alphabet-cityEndrit Krasniqiedi-kras@hotmail.comPrishtinePrishtine, Komuna e Prishtinës, Kosovo
98407ALUN ULINNGOOPLAN0-6.9147444107.6098111<p>ALUN ULIN is a movement that empowers children to become agents of change in their local neighbourhood and transforming spaces. A contextually ideal outdoor Play Space is the main intention of this movement, through creative learning &amp; co-design process with local children. In Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, the majority of public spaces are exploited for commercial means and the rest are usually used in inappropriate manner. Such situations create an unfriendly environment to enjoy and live, especially for children. As we believe that closest surroundings; like neighbourhood specifically, and the city in general, are the best place to learn and play for children as part of their basic needs.</p> <p>T<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">he word ALUN ULIN derives from Sundanese (West Java Ethnic) words; &ldquo;Alun-alun&rdquo; (City Square) and &ldquo;Ulin&rdquo; (Play). ALUN ULIN focuses on transforming spaces and attitude towards neighborhood area through child-centred approach. A series of creative processes for local children is to be held in selected neighbourhood in Bandung to intrigue local awareness and limitless imagination of envisioning the space. In the end, the ALUN ULIN experiences will empower the children by letting them be the part of neighbourhood&rsquo;s space transformation process, solving their own problems and being appreciated as space transformer.Our first and still ongoing project is located in Taman Tongkeng (Tongkeng Park). Now in Design Realization process and expected to be finished by the end of January 2013</span></p> vimeo54267768http://kisahsahabatkota.wordpress.com/@sahabatkotahttp://www.facebook.com/kisahsahabatkota?fref=ts1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0015-12-2012 16:58:03Sahabat Kota407-alun-ulinAulia Amanda Santosoaulimandas@gmail.comBandungBandung, West Java, Indonesia
99406Cidade Baixa em AltaASSOINCL0-30.01-51.13<p>The Cidade Baixa em Alta starts from a group of local merchants, with the goal of bringing back to the neighborhood every culture, entertainment, music and fun that are associated with it. Each month is charged a fee where all traders are invited to contribute, all the value is converted to benefits into the neighborhood as: concerts, theater, open cinema, bike racks, oil collection, assistance to entities and all free of charge to the general public.</p> youtubeYnok8SzVIMshttp://www.cidadebaixaemalta.com.br@cbemaltahttp://www.facebook.com/CidadeBaixaEmAlta1-6-2012 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0013-12-2012 20:51:58Woodoo Web406-cidade-baixa-em-altaTiago Facciotiago@woodoo.com.brPorto AlegrePorto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
100405MIRA (Manejo Integral de los Residuos por el Ambiente - Integrated Wastes Management for the Environment)EDUCGREE0-34.36-58.22<p>M.I.R.A (integrated waste management for the environment) was founded in April 2008 by environmental sciences undergraduate students, a teacher and technitians from Buenos Aires University Agronomy Faculty. Our mission is to promote the preoccupation and the environment everyday care reducing some materials consumption and managing in a better way the household wastes.Our activities are designed to motivate and educate our community about how to implement practical steps to consume less pollutant products, reuse and recycle part of the wastes generated and dispose the rest of the residues in a classified way. In Argentina and in Buenos Aires city this feature is not properly addressed by government so we are trying to solve it by our own. To achieve this we do different activities: &bull; A separate disposal of the residues generated in the University. The recyclable residues collected are given to poor people who make money selling them. In that way we are helping them to live and work in better conditions because they do not have to rummage the trash.</p> <p>We teach in kindergarten, secondary and primary schools the problems that rubbish generate, where the rubbish goes after we throw it and we help emerging waste separation projects in these institutions. &bull; We have an informative stand where we talk with the community about the problems that rubbish generate in our city and in the environment.In the short-term we benefit students, teachers and neighbors that visit the campus, who can enjoy a cleaner and healthier campus. We also help the people who receive our recyclable residues giving them a livelihood. In addition we favor schools that receive our classes. We hope to achieve a positive impact on life quality of people who live in areas near landfills that will be benefit by the reduction in the amount of waste disposed in them.</p>  www.agro.uba.ar/extension/mira www.facebook.com/pages/MIRA-Manejo-Integral-de-los-Residuos-por-el-Ambiente/173956499281888?fref=ts1-1-1900 1:00:001-1-1900 1:00:008-12-2012 15:45:37Buenos Aires University Agronomy Faculty405-mira-manejo-integral-de-los-residuos-por-el-ambiente-integrated-wastes-managemeNadia Mazzeomira@agro.uba.arFacultad de Agronomía y VeterinariaFacultad de Agronomía y Veterinaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina
101404HubCité AfricaineASSOINCL06.8-1.12<p>L&rsquo;utopie concr&egrave;te d&rsquo;un mod&egrave;le d&rsquo;urbanisation alternatif qui restitue aux populations le pouvoir de changer la ville et la vie. Comment &eacute;voluer gr&acirc;ce au travail collaboratif (co-working/ co-cr&eacute;ation/ co-fabrication) vers le quartier africain vertueux et responsable de demain. Penser, concevoir et concr&eacute;tiser localement pour l&rsquo;Afrique, par la mobilisation des technologies &lsquo;Camp&rsquo; et &lsquo;Lab&rsquo;, des espaces OpenSource n&eacute;s de la rencontre du num&eacute;rique et d&rsquo;une architecture exp&eacute;rimentale en mat&eacute;riaux modestes. Ville laboratoire : Lom&eacute;.</p> <p>Mots cl&eacute;s : #ArchiCamp #RepLab #LowHighTech #HubCit&eacute;</p> <p>FAIRE NOUS MEMES . NE PAS ATTENDRE QUE CELA VIENNE D&rsquo;EN HAUT . NOUS PRENONS ACTE DE LA PROMESSE INHERENTE AU CONCEPT &lsquo;OPEN-SOURCE&rsquo; ET TOUTES VALEURS QUE PROCLAME &rsquo;L&rsquo;ETHIQUE HACKER &lsquo; . NOUS CROYONS AU POTENTIEL QU&rsquo;ONT &lsquo;CAMPS&rsquo; ET &lsquo;LABS&rsquo; EN TANT QUE CADRES ET DISPOSITIFS POUR FAVORISER L&rsquo;EMERGENCE D&rsquo;UNE CONSCIENCE COLLECTIVE AUTOUR DE LA NOTION DE BIEN PUBLIC, TIRER LE MEILLEUR DES PETITES GENS ET INITIER UNE RECONQUETE PROGRESSIVE DU POUVOIR DE FAIRE ET DE TRANSFORMER LE CADRE DE VIE . NOUS SOMMES PERSUADES QUE CES DEUX METHODES CONVERTIES A NOUS, COMBINEES ET INSEREES JUDICIEUSEMENT DANS LE TERRITOIRE PEUVENT S&rsquo;AVERER UN FORMIDABLE CATALYSEUR DU CHANGEMENT. CONVAINCUS QUE SI ON MET LA TECHNOLOGIE DE POINTE ET SA COMPREHENSION A LA PORTEE DES POPULATIONS, ON LES AFFRANCHI&nbsp;NOUS SERONT LOWHIGHTECH !</p> <p>Les ArchiCamp (open-ateliers internationaux de design prospectif qui mettent les populations au contact de professionnels et experts venus du monde entier) rendent possible une intelligence collective, permettent de d&eacute;gager une vision commune et d&rsquo;&eacute;laborer des solutions de proximit&eacute; qui seront ensuite fabriqu&eacute;es dans les RepLabs implant&eacute;s dans les lieux cibl&eacute;s.</p>  http://www.lafricainedarchitecture.com/archicamp.html  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:006-12-2012 16:22:27L'Africaine d'architecture404-hubcit-africaineSénamé Koffi Agbodjinoucontact@lafricainedarchitecture.comLoméLomé
102402Catadores de lixo de ItapemaFRIEPROD0-27.0909603-48.61199469999997Acontece em todo Brasil, mas retratamos aqui a cidade de Itapema, onde sentimos o impacto nitidamente.Temos a coleta seletiva oferecida pela prefeitura, onde três vezes por semana passa um caminhão recolhendo o lixo reciclado que foi separadodo lixo orgânico pelo morador.Mas e os que ainda não tem essa consciencia? e os que jogam lixo do seu carro? e os que vivem em uma realidade fictícia onde tirando o lixo de suas vistas ele deixará de existir?Ai que entram os que de forma simples e humilde fazem o papel humanitário desse infeliz.Os catadores de materiais reutilizáveis e recicláveis, são pessoas físicas de baixa renda que se dedicam às atividades de coleta, triagem, beneficiamento, processamento, transformação e comercialização de materiais reutilizáveis e recicláveis. Andam pelas ruas com seu automóvel geralmente não motorizado recolhendo o lixo que pode ser reciclado de forma industrial ou reutilizado, pois o lixo pode não ser lixo para você, resultado de uma sociedade desigual e consumista.Esta situação serve bem, tendo em vista o meio ambiente, entratanto não cumpre seu papel social. Precisamos urgentemente de um programa que integre e articule ações do Governo Federal voltadas ao apoio e ao fomento à organização produtiva dos catadores de materiais reutilizáveis e recicláveis, à melhoria das condições de trabalho, à ampliação das oportunidades de inclusão social e econômica e à expansão da coleta seletiva de resíduos sólidos, da reutilização e da reciclagem por meio da atuação desse segmento. Não vemos como a solução do lixo urbanos, apesar de ser uma ótima solução para os que ainda não tem consciencia de que cada um deve fazer sua parte, mas podemos perceber como a solução do lixo urbano pode ser simples, basta uma boa idéia.    5-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 13:10:39Flávia, Adriana e Leandro402-catadores-de-lixo-de-itapemaFláviaarq.flaviacaresia@gmail.comItapemaItapema, Santa Catarina, Brazil
103401Os catadores de reciclados - ItapemaFRIEPROD0-27.0909603-48.61199469999997<p>Acontece praticamente em todo o Brasil, entretando falaremos de um exemplo pr&oacute;ximo, onde conseguimos perceber seus impactos nitidamente. Infelizmente nem todos t&ecirc;m conci&ecirc;ncia da import&acirc;ncia da reciclagem para a sociedade e meio ambiente. Existe a coleta seletiva oferecida pela cidade, onde um caminh&atilde;o passa recolhendo o lixo de quem de forma consciente separou o lixo recilcado do org&acirc;nico em sua lixeira. Mas para os que n&atilde;o separam? que jogam lixo pela janela de seu carro? Em sua realidade t&atilde;o fict&iacute;cia, seu lixo deixa de existir a partir da hora que sai de sua vista, seria &oacute;timo, mas &eacute; fict&iacute;cio meu caro mau educado. &Eacute; onde entra os que fazem mais, os que de forma mais simples e rudimentar, catam seu lixo e o transformam, quase que instantaneamente, em seu bem maior, seu p&atilde;o de cada dia. Os catadores de materiais reutiliz&aacute;veis e recicl&aacute;veis, s&atilde;o particamente as pessoas f&iacute;sicas de baixa renda que se dedicam &agrave;s atividades de coleta, triagem, beneficiamento, processamento, transforma&ccedil;&atilde;o e comercializa&ccedil;&atilde;o de materiais reutiliz&aacute;veis e recicl&aacute;veis.</p> <p>Trabalham carregando um ve&iacute;culo geralmente n&atilde;o motorizado, catando toda o lixo que pode ser reutilizado, as vezes indo para um processo de recilcagem industrial outras, e muitas, vezes aproveitando o lixo para ainda n&atilde;o o v&ecirc; como lixo, por lhe servir perfeitamente, situa&ccedil;&atilde;o exemplo rotineira de uma sociendade desigual e consumista. A parte ambiental se cumpre muito bem, j&aacute; a parte social ainda n&atilde;o. Precisamos de um Programa que integre e articule as a&ccedil;&otilde;es do Governo Federal voltadas ao apoio e ao fomento &agrave; organiza&ccedil;&atilde;o produtiva dos catadores de materiais reutiliz&aacute;veis e recicl&aacute;veis, &agrave; melhoria das condi&ccedil;&otilde;es de trabalho, &agrave; amplia&ccedil;&atilde;o das oportunidades de inclus&atilde;o social e econ&ocirc;mica e &agrave; expans&atilde;o da coleta seletiva de res&iacute;duos s&oacute;lidos, da reutiliza&ccedil;&atilde;o e da reciclagem por meio da atua&ccedil;&atilde;o desse segmento. S&atilde;o muitos os catadores em Itapema, que trabalham em dupla jornada. N&atilde;o h&aacute; justi&ccedil;a nisso, nem ainda vemos como solu&ccedil;&atilde;o para o lixo urbano. Mas percebemos com isso que a solu&ccedil;&atilde;o para o lixo nas cidades pode ser simples basta uma boa id&eacute;ia.</p>     5-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 12:52:46Flávia, Adriana e Leandro401-os-catadores-de-reciclados-itapemaFláviaarq.flaviacaresia@gmail.comItapemaItapema, Santa Catarina, Brazil
104400Concert - "Youth and Older Adults as City Changers: Connecting the Generations"PUBLINCL040.74875914722168-73.96700596743165Within the framework of the Post 2015 Participatory Process, the Habitat III Conference Prep-Process and as part of a dialogue series, UN-Habitat and ICCC are organizing a High-Level Working Session to address opportunities and challenges facing rapid urbanization in the search of City Changers, old and young. Following the session, we will enjoy an evening of international music, featuring multi-generational performers dedicated to inspiring connections between generations and cultures in cities and towns across the globe.Open to general public. RSVP at habitatny@un.org.  @unhabitatnyhttp://www.facebook.com/events/266521930137519/5-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 0:00:004-12-2012 16:10:46UN-Habitat and International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC)400-concert-youth-and-older-adults-as-city-changers-connecting-the-generationsrosasurinach@un.orgNew YorkNew York, New York, United States
105396I am Bhubaneswar a local innitiative to Brand CitiesNGOOINCL020.296058785.82453980000003Increasingly, cities and urban regions compete with other for attention, investment, visitors, shoppers, talent, events, and so on; accelerated by globalization where the main competition is no longer about roads or the town next to heritage site, but for competition and this global competition is no longer limited to the capital and big cities; it now directly affects all cities and concentrations of urban settlements. However, many often having everything our cities are not presented properly or say often lack in brand. Therefore we in Local Governance Network initiated promoting some of the Indian Cities with its Brand Image; we chose to begin with Bhubaneswar being the first planned capital city of independent India and is also the place believed where peace was preached to the world after the deadly Kalinga war around 261 B.C. Ultimately, every city’s strongest asset is its people; same is for Bhubaneswar: the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here and the people who visit here. But many often we tend to forget our role, the participation that our city expects, it’s not about what Govt. is doing or Pvt. Sector do, it’s about what is a city for me, Can I represent my city; these some of the question each of have to answer for our City. Therefore it was thought grew over the years, we, the people of Bhubaneswar, wish to speak for the city of Bhubaneswar; let other know about my city’s past, present, future; Bhubaneswar is our city, and it’s time for us proudly voice our dedication and devotion to Bhubaneswar. Through our combined efforts, we can fully realise Bhubaneswar’s potential in the areas and express the many reasons why we choose Bhubaneswar: “I choose Bhubaneswar for peace. I choose Bhubaneswar for education. I choose Bhubaneswar for inspiration. I choose Bhubaneswar as my home. I choose Bhubaneswar for Business. I choose Bhubaneswar for sports. I am Bhubaneswar.”I am Bhubaneswar is the inspiration that creates the brand for the city and people of Bhubaneswar. In saying or expressing I am Bhubaneswar, we show a clear choice for the city of Bhubaneswar. I am Bhubaneswar shows our pride, our confidence and our dedication. I am Bhubaneswar is our personal endorsement for our city. Using I am Bhubaneswar, we can show clearly and proudly all the many benefits, opportunities and dimensions of excellence that make Bhubaneswar our city of choice.It’s not an individual or institutional movement rather we started voluntarily to become an active citizen in spending our time to promote Bhubaneswar; People call us as Change Maker but we call ourselves an ordinary citizens volunteering for our City where we live, grown up and building our future. We believe that, by providing knowledge about urban planning, we can empower citizens in participating to make a better Bhubaneswar.  www.lgnet.in@lgnetindhttps://www.facebook.com/LocalGovernanceNetwork1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:003-12-2012 14:13:40Local Governance Network396-i-am-bhubaneswar-a-local-innitiative-to-brand-citiesDr. Piyush Ranjan Routpiyush.rout@lgnet.inBhubaneswarBhubaneswar, Orissa, India
106387The Urban Forum for Better Cities in PakistanPUBLPLAN031.5450574.34068300000001<p>In 2011, the Urban Unit organized a flagship event with the name of Pakistan Urban Forum which was the first of its kind to be held in the region. PUF was held in Alhamra Arts Council Lahore from March 1st to 5th, 2011 with the theme of Managed Urbanization- the Road to National Development.</p>  www.urbanunit.gov.pk https://www.facebook.com/TheUrbanUnit?ref=ts&fref=ts1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0027-11-2012 16:25:05The Urban Unit387-the-urban-forum-for-better-cities-in-pakistanArshed Rafiqarshedrafique@yahoo.comLahoreLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
107383Blumenau e a Margem NuaFRIEGREE0-26.9187523-49.06602520000001<p>O grupo Margem Nua surgiu da inquieta&ccedil;&atilde;o de v&aacute;rios seguimentos da sociedade blumenauense com a maneira que vem sendo tratada a quest&atilde;o da Prainha e da Margem Esquerda do Rio Itaja&iacute;-A&ccedil;&uacute;, entre estes o grupo de Maracatu, o grupo de Hip Hop, acad&ecirc;micos de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, mebros do ABC Ciclovias e outros cidad&atilde;os preocupados com o bem estar da cidade de Blumenau.Este grupo vem se reunido para discutir propostas e novas interven&ccedil;&otilde;es para a &aacute;rea envolvida, o principal evento organizado foi uma manifesta&ccedil;&atilde;o que aconteceu no dia 22 de setembro, na principal rua da cidade a XV de Novembro, essa manifesta&ccedil;&atilde;o teve como principal inten&ccedil;&atilde;o alertar a comunidade sobre o que vem acontecendo, pois a prefeitura de Blumenau n&atilde;o divulga seus projetos e audi&ecirc;ncias. Tamb&eacute;m questionando a qualidade do espa&ccedil;o proposto para esse local, que vai na contra-m&atilde;o das novas tecnologias ecol&oacute;gicas e &eacute; imposto de maneira arbitr&aacute;ria. &ldquo;Nosso rio &eacute; sim cercado de matas ciliares (que obra a obra lhe est&atilde;o sendo tolhidas); h&aacute; de se entender que estas matas limpam e restauram nossas &aacute;guas. Rins de um rio que foi devastado pelas obras, pelo esgoto, pelos qu&iacute;micos lan&ccedil;ados por ind&uacute;strias ao longo dos anos. Uma situa&ccedil;&atilde;o &agrave; qual os &oacute;rg&atilde;os de prote&ccedil;&atilde;o ambiental se mant&eacute;m, mais uma vez por interesse privado, indiferentes. Salvo algumas medidas paliativas e plenas de maquiagem midi&aacute;tica.N&atilde;o se pode permanecer ausente de decis&otilde;es t&atilde;o importantes e que v&atilde;o afetar a vida de tantas pessoas. &Eacute; necess&aacute;rio saber o que est&aacute; acontecendo, e apoiar aqueles que defendem seus interesses. Sem manifesta&ccedil;&otilde;es sugestivas da m&iacute;dia, mas sim, por conhecimento de causa. Dar &agrave; popula&ccedil;&atilde;o o que lhe &eacute; de direito: o conhecimento.Respeitar o seu desejo, os anseios de cultura, de preserva&ccedil;&atilde;o &agrave; natureza (conforme previsto no plano diretor participativo), da garantia de seguran&ccedil;a e assim o direito de ir e vir. Da liberdade de express&atilde;o, do direito de ocupar espa&ccedil;os p&uacute;blicos e n&atilde;o apenas casas noturnas ou anfiteatros elitizados por seu pre&ccedil;o. Esse &eacute; o papel da imprensa. Mas &eacute; com tristes olhos que vemos a transforma&ccedil;&atilde;o da informa&ccedil;&atilde;o em campanha de marketing. N&atilde;o interessa que partido est&aacute; no poder. Que esteja garantido a todos n&oacute;s aquilo que a Lei prev&ecirc;, uma vez que a honra j&aacute; foi esquecida por nossos politiqueiros que militam por interesses privados e pelo poder.Somos um movimento pac&iacute;fico, apartid&aacute;rio e sem interesses econ&ocirc;micos. Pelo contr&aacute;rio, nos interessa o bem estar da popula&ccedil;&atilde;o atrav&eacute;s da cultura, da arte, do trabalho e da informa&ccedil;&atilde;o. Que estes princ&iacute;pios sejam legitimamente defendidos, acima de quaisquer interesses de ordem privada, e acima da prepot&ecirc;ncia dos representantes pol&iacute;tico-partid&aacute;rios, eleitos por voto popular.&rdquo;</p>    https://www.facebook.com/RE.Pensamos1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0023-11-2012 15:06:21Grupo Margem Nua383-blumenau-e-a-margem-nuaGabriela Fernanda Grisagabigrisa@gmail.comBlumenauBlumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
108382Descida do Rio Itajaí MirimPUBLSAFE0-27.10415398517576-48.922606418554665<p>A Descida do Rio Itaja&iacute; Mirim &eacute; uma das atividades promovidas pelo GTAM - Grupo de Trabalho Ambiental Municipal, Secretaria de Educa&ccedil;&atilde;o e Defesa Civil de Brusque. &Eacute; uma a&ccedil;&atilde;o de conscientiza&ccedil;&atilde;o que re&uacute;ne volunt&aacute;rios para percorrer uma extens&atilde;o definida do rio com botes e caiaques a fim de recolher lixo e limpar alguns locais de suas margens. O evento teve sua segunda edi&ccedil;&atilde;o no dia 2 de setembro de 2012 tendo dura&ccedil;&atilde;o de quatro horas de atividades.</p>  www.brusque.sc.gov.br  2-9-2012 0:00:002-9-2012 0:00:0022-11-2012 16:14:37GTAM - Grupo de Trabalho Ambiental Municipal de Brusque - SC382-descida-do-rio-itaja-mirimCarolina Meirelesarq.carolmeireles@gmail.comBrusqueBrusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil
109381One Degree Less – Um Grau a MenosPUBLSAFE0200As mudanças climáticas demonstram que nosso planeta pede socorro; as notícias acontecem quase que diariamente e com dimensões cada vez maiores. Temos de pensar em soluções simples, fáceis e que tenham resultado imediato, mudando esse cenário. Barata, muito simples e eficaz, a medida proposta pela campanha “One Degree Less – Um Grau a Menos” é exatamente assim: não requer grandes recursos - de tempo, material ou dinheiro - para ser aplicada. Criada pelo Green Building Council (GBC) para reduzir os efeitos do aquecimento global nos centros urbanos, a campanha pretende mobilizar a população e o poder público para que pintem de branco telhados de quaisquer construções, pois assim é possível reduzir de 2° a 3° a temperatura no interior dos imóveis e em até 1° a das cidades – caso haja um grande número de telhados na cor. Segundo o Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, cujos dados sustentam a campanha, a cada 100m² de cobertura pintada de branco é compensada a emissão de 10 toneladas de CO2 ao ano. “Ao proporcionar maior conforto térmico, os telhados brancos reduzem o consumo de energia com ar-condicionado e ventilador. Além disso eles têm reflexão de cerca de 60% - contrário aos escuros que refletem até 20% da luz solar - combatendo assim as ilhas de calor nas cidades e melhorando a qualidade do ar e o conforto do ambiente urbano. A campanha obteve a adesão da Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional de São Paulo, que se comprometeu a pintar de branco os telhados de conjuntos habitacionais novos e antigos do estado. O primeiro passo foi dado em Ilhabela, onde os prédios de um residencial receberam a pintura. Cubatão, Itanhaém, Piraju e Valinhos também terão conjuntos com as coberturas claras. E a iniciativa do governo estadual já deu frutos: a prefeitura de Ilhabela, primeira a aderir ao programa, pintou os prédios do hospital, do ginásio de esportes e de algumas escolas. Já na capital paulista foi aprovado em primeira votação na Câmara dos Vereadores o projeto de lei 615/2009, que hoje está tramitando na Assembléia Legislativa e que regulamenta a pintura de todas as coberturas do estado. Florianópolis, no Estado de Santa Catarina, também possui projetos de lei do mesmo tipo. http://www.onedegreeless.org/pt/index.php?pagina=home-o  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0021-11-2012 12:41:36Green Building Council Brasil381-one-degree-less-um-grau-a-menosJuliana Bachilli e Yara Caroline Alflenyaracarolinealflen@gmail.comIlha Bela - São PauloIlha Bela - São Paulo, Brasil
110380Resilient Urban FuturesEDUCRESI0-41.2864603174.77623600000004What development path should New Zealand’s cities take to ensure that maximum environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits can be gained? This question is the focus of a newly funded collaborative research project representing the first major attempt to get to grips with an issue critical to the future of this small island nation. The project research team, headed by the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, links five universities (Otago, Victoria, Auckland, Massey and Canterbury), NIWA and the Motu Public Policy Research Group, with end-users from 14 local councils, central government, iwi groups, developers and community groups. In August 2012 it was awarded more than $9 million in funding over four years through the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. The research will involve six cities; Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Kapiti, Wellington and Christchurch, and will compare the broad costs and benefits and qualities of two possible urban development paths. The first path emphasises more compact development within existing urban areas while the other focuses on further ‘greenfield’ development on the outskirts of cities.The researchers will extend their geographically-based models to integrate environmental impacts on air and water with other outcomes of urban developments. These outcomes include different land-use, housing and transport patterns, and varying co-benefits for people’s health and welfare. http://sustainablecities.org.nz/  1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0021-11-2012 7:06:55NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities380-resilient-urban-futuresStephen Olsenfuturebuiltnz@gmail.comWellingtonWellington, Wellington, New Zealand
111379Laguna WorkFRIESAFE019.5426237-96.91374410000003Se trata de un Taller de Diseño Participativo, basado en los principios del Nuevo Urbanismo, dirigido a los vecinos de la Colonia Casa Blanca con el objetivo de que puedan participar todos los actores involucrados en la planeación de un trozo de ciudad, en este caso se trata de la restructuración urbana del entorno de la Laguna de Casa Blanca.Esta iniciativa surge a partir de un proyecto de investigación por parte de egresados de la Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad Veracruzana, Campus Xalapa, en colaboración con investigadores del INECOL.El objetivo principal de este proyecto de investigación es la configuración de un nuevo centro barrial, en la colonia de Casa Blanca, una de las colonias con mayor extensión de la ciudad, aproximadamente 170 hectáreas. Para esto se aprovechará la presencia de la Laguna y una cancha adjunta al cuerpo de agua.Los servicios ecosistémicos de la única laguna dentro de la mancha urbana de Xalapa, podrán aprovecharse a diferentes escalas: barrial, distrital y regional, a través de jardines de lluvia, filtración y recarga de mantos acuíferos, etc.La metodología a utilizar será la basada en el Nuevo Urbanismo y el Diseño Participativo.El taller constará de 3 actividades principales que permitirán conocer la percepción que los vecinos tienen de su colonia, la imagen pública del lugar y las principales necesidades de los habitantes.Al finalizar dicho taller, se traducirá la información obtenida en una propuesta de diseño urbano, que será sometida posteriormente a la evaluación de los vecinos, con la finalidad de que se enriquezca el proyecto.Finalmente, y luego de la aprobación de la comunidad se llevará a nivel ejecutivo la propuesta, de tal manera que el producto resulte en un plan integral de mejoramiento barrial.    25-11-2012 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-11-2012 6:04:58Célica y Emilio379-laguna-workEmiliokrloshrojas@hotmail.comXalapaXalapa, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico
112376miBLOGotá: Pensando y actuando por una mejor ciudadINDIRESI04.5981-74.07603Miblogota es un espacio para reflexionar sobre los problemas y posibilidades de Bogotá; sus notas y temáticas se guían bajo principios como: creatividad e innovación para resolver problemas de siempre, primero las personas y los niños, corresponsabilidad ciudadana por el estado y futuro de Bogotá, aprendamos de otras ciudades y de la misma Bogotá, reflexión sobre calidad de vida, etc.El tema de ciudadanía, las miradas del ciudadano de a pie, pensar en su bienestar y calidad de vida, están siempre en el centro de toda discusión.Bogotá necesita un cambio, con la ciudadanía presente en la jugada. Hay que buscar la manera de invertir la apatía y la impotencia por acciones y propuestas.Este proyecto busca brindarle a la ciudadanía bogotana la oportunidad de reemplazar un estado mental dominado por la pasividad, la apatía, el inconformismo y la negatividad por otro de reflexión y acción proactiva, propositiva y práctica, dedicada al mejor futuro de la ciudad.El cambio comienza por cada uno de nosotros.youtubeUe53saEM1h0www.miblogota.com@miblogota 1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0019-11-2012 1:46:13miBLOGota376-miblogot-pensando-y-actuando-por-una-mejor-ciudadGermán Sarmientogerman.sarmiento@gmail.comBogotaBogota, Bogota D.C., Colombia
113375Biggest Green Initiative In KenyaPRIVSAFE0-0.284370736.072575700000016Three young University students were not yet born when Nakuru town used to bask in the glory as the cleanest town in East and Central Africa.The three hardly comprehends whether this is true to a town which currently lacks even a single litter bin, leaving residents to dispose of waste haphazardly and brightly colored plastic paper bags littering parts of the town, but a common eyesight in the towns suburbs.The three youngsters John Mwatha, Ian Mbugua and Fidel Riaga, through their company they formed recently- Nexus media-used the firm as a launch-pad for the Go-Green campaign dubed “BIN IT”, an ambitious program of waste management aimed at keeping Nakuru town spotlessly clean. "This unique concept will not only help tidy up the town but even further recycle the waste which can be re-used profitably", said John Mwatha, the firm's Co. Director during an interview with Kenya Today at his Nakuru office.He said it was saddening to note that although the town was early this year voted by HABITAT- the UN settlement agency- as the fastest growing in East and Central Africa, it was no longer the cleanest. "This is when we as Nexus media decided to include environmental concern as part of our Social Corporate Responsibility on top of helping the needy especially school children and environmental management", said an upbeat Mwatha, who is optimistic they will achieve this goal.Added his colleague Fidel; "Investors like clean and conducive environment for business opportunities and if our town remain an eye-sore in terms of cleanliness, then we are doomed that's why we decided to venture into this undertaking."Partnering with the Municipal Council of Nakuru's Environment department, Nexus media are not taking provision of litter-bins as part of their mandate rather a Social Corporate Responsibility. "We provide the eco-litter bins, while the Municipality will do the garbage collection", the duo told Kenya Today.In order to sustain the management and making more such bins, the firm intends to use them as advertising panels. Each double-compartment bin will have an illuminated advertising panel, which they hope the business community will make use of in order to financially support this unique project. "This is the only way we shall be able to roll-out more bins", Mwatha said.The Eco-litter bins will be a unique concept not only in Nakuru but in other towns and beyond because in most African cities, waste is not recycled but dumped away from towns and burnt.The Go-Green Campaign was launched early last month at Midlands hotel Nakuru during an occasion graced by Nakuru Business Association Chairman Boniface Muhia, municipality town clerk Gladys Kemei and crowned by Miss World USA 2007 Eunice Wanjiru Karanja, who said she was happy to be associated with this venture and will fully support it. "In fact I will be happy to be called Good-will ambassador of Go-Green campaign", an elated former Miss USA Kenya told the cheering crowd during the launching ceremony.Mr. Muhia, who also lauded the move by what he described as ambitious and innovative youngsters said the business community in Nakuru will not hesitate to support this noble idea so long as it is about environmental conservation tidiness.He observed that though the metropolis was expanding fast with Nakuru undergoing a building boom extending beyond the periphery of the Central Business District, it was yet to be kept tidy. He for example lamented that the Kihoto dumpsite, the only place waste from Nakuru town is taken is an eyesore since it is next to a busy highway and the stench emanating from it irritating. The re-cycling idea is just long overdue.Muhia later told this reporter during an interview at his office that the town, being centrally located was an ideal place for investors, adding that it is also along the northern corridor highway. 'Besides, there was a population upsurge following the post election violence and the higher the population, the higher t   http://www.facebook.com/nexus media kenya1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0018-11-2012 13:59:23NEXUS MEDIA LTD375-biggest-green-initiative-in-kenyaJohnJmwathas@gmail.comNakuruNakuru, Rift Valley, Kenya
114374The Ipe colorsINDIGREE0-26.55-49.03With the title of "Ipe colors," the doctor Adilson Tadeu Machado and his friends, by private enterprise, initiated in 2007 a plantation of ipe seedlings of different colors in the city of Blumenau / SC - Brazil. Most seedlings were planted on the slopes of the Itajai-açu river besides the main avenue of the city. Around 78 seedlings were planted and are already blooming. The goal is to bloom all over town. The opportunity may create another tourist attraction for the region. The idea is to take all possible spaces for planting ipe, a copy of which has a bloom contrasting with the green beauty of the valley, mainly yellow. The initiative aims to have membership not only of public and NGOs declared in protecting the environment as having membership of homeowners and businesses in general. All seedlings are registered and receive the care to develop. "We invested a few seedlings that should serve as a stimulus", says the creator of the project. http://coresdoipe.blogspot.com.br  3-11-2007 0:00:0030-9-2012 0:00:0017-11-2012 3:53:52Adilson Tadeu Machado 374-the-ipe-colorsCristiane Otte Corrêacristiane@archteto.com.brBlumenauBlumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
115369Dreams of NairobiFRIEPLAN0-1.292065936.82194619999996This is an architectural research and design initiative that culminates in an exhibition of 10 exemplary projects that offer best responses to the specific urban design issues of Nairobi City. All projects were selected because of their sensitivity to principles of Green design and sustainability. In addition, all projects offer direct response to economic needs and align themselves with the plans envisioned by Vision 2030The exhibition will showcase the design responses with respect to: ■Eco –design ■Sustainability ■Technology and innovative building systems ■Form, meaning and spatial definition ■Relevance to achievement of Vision 2030 goals and aspirations The exhibition opens on the 19th of January 2013 at the Goethe Institute Nairobi and runs until the 15th of February 2013. www.dreamsofnairobi.wordpress.com   19-1-2013 0:00:0021-2-2013 0:00:0014-11-2012 21:52:45African Urban Futures369-dreams-of-nairobiAfrican Urban Futuresafricanurbanfutures@gmail.com NairobiNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
116362Street Gallery Belgrade NGOOPLAN044.820555620.462222200000042The disappearance of public spaces is becoming an increasingly common fact associated with modern cities. Current urban development tendencies, driven by market-oriented interests, represent a huge threat to public spaces, and therefore to alternative cultural activities as well. The idea of "the right to the city" conceived and advocated by French sociologist Henri Lefebvre, implies precisely the right of every citizen to the resources of the city and to freely participate in the life of their local community. Guided by this idea Mikro Art successfully lobbied city officials in Belgrade to transform a neglected public space in Bezistan Passage (near Terazije Street) into the city’s first Street Gallery for upcoming young artists. The walls indentified as potential exhibition space, were previously used by Kozara abandoned movie theatre, for posters that announced the film repertoire. The Gallery is composed of nine exhibition niches (each 1,4 m wide and 1,8 m high), divided into three segments. It took us nearly two years from the initial event which inspired the idea (the informal exhibition of the works of the Italian artist Luca Donnini, May 2010) until the goal was finally accomplished – in April 2012. Street Gallery project represents a pioneer venture for Belgrade in achieving that an abandoned space is allocated to a citizen group for cultural production purposes. From the April 2012 we organized numerous exhibitons which can be seen on our web site www.mikroart.rs So, if you are in Belgrade....vimeo35632996www.mikroart.rs http://www.facebook.com/UlicnaGalerija1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0013-11-2012 10:38:22Mikro Art362-street-gallery-belgradeLazovic Radomirlazovic.r@gmail.comBelgradeBelgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
117360Spatial Planning for AllNGOOPLAN0-6.211544106.84517200000005Spatial Planning for All is a program and activities that provide spatial planning knowledge for citizen of Jakarta. We believe that, by providing knowledge about spatial planning, we can empowered citizens in participating to design a better Jakarta.Spatial Planning for All consists of 2 products: a toolkit and a video campaign. Some of our activities are include giving trainings to various groups, from local government to artist, housewives and urban poor community.youtubeWfn0-C_9neowww.rujak.org@rujakRCUSwww.facebook.com/ruangjakarta1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:008-11-2012 15:16:12Rujak Center for Urban Studies360-spatial-planning-for-allElisa Sutanudjajaelisa@rujak.orgJakartaJakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
118359Simposio del HábitatASSOINCL020.967996337944882-89.61553680419922El Simposio del Hábitat es un evento para el intercambio de experiencias proyectos y conocimientos referentes a los asentamientos humanos y el hábitat en general.Con un alto enfoque en beneficio de la sociedad para la conformación de una ciudad incluyente, en donde la planeación el diseño y la gestión del territorio sean elementos que estén presentes.Busca promover una conciencia urbana, en donde cada persona se apropie de los espacios públicos, y se involucre en generar propuestas para la resolución de problemáticas y sea un agente de cambio.Es un evento organizado por estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Diseño del hábitat en el Campus de Arquitectura, Hábitat, Arte y Diseño de la Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán   http://facebook.com/Simposio-del-Hábitat8-11-2012 0:00:009-11-2012 0:00:007-11-2012 6:32:14Movimiento estudiantil DH359-simposio-del-hbitatCesar Adrián Rovelo Basterisces.rovelo@gmail.comMeridaMerida, Yucatán, Mexico
119358Reshape the world from your housePRIVGREE038.34379635230196-0.48515728839106487Technical information about sustainable building made available to end users. A magazine where innovators in ecobuilding and efficency can meet with their potential users to build together greener cities. http://www.mimbrea.com@mimbrea1http://www.facebook.com/mimbrea1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:005-11-2012 17:39:00mimbrea358-reshape-the-world-from-your-houseEster Gisbert Alemanyestergisbert@mimbrea.comAlicanteAlicante, Valencia, Spain
120356Projeto Ciclopak Social de ReutilizaçãoFRIEINCL0-23.608453228031976-46.80249732292481Com o intuito de desenvolver um programa social baseado na reutilização de materiais e na redução de insumos, a equipe Ciclopak, com a ajuda de parceiros e voluntários, vem se reunindo e facilitando reuniões com moradores da Vila Nova Esperança, comunidade carente localizada na zona oeste de São Paulo desde agosto de 2012.A ideia é promover o desenvolvimento social, cultural e ambiental na comunidade com ações, palestras, eventos e oficinas. Projetando, a longo prazo, um programa de conscientização ambiental, coleta seletiva e geração de renda que possa ser replicado em outras regiões carentes do Brasil.youtubejUzBmreBGeUhttp://www.ciclopak.com.br/2012/projeto-ciclopak-social/@ciclopakhttp://www.facebook.com/Ciclopak1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:001-11-2012 18:41:02Ciclopak356-projeto-ciclopak-social-de-reutilizaoVictor Toushvictor@ciclopak.com.brSão PauloSão Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
121355SEMANA DEL URBANISMO UNAM 2012EDUCPLAN019.33237161079234-99.18308635884091Es una Semana llena de Actividades en la cual podremos de disfrutar sobre conferencias de la ciudad como lo es:La problemática actual de la Participación ciudadanaNuevos Proyectos de Restauración de los centros Históricos en MéxicoFilosofía del UrbanismoPolíticas MetropolitanasAcompañadas por una Exposición de Ideas y Pensamientos de Urbanistas que incluyen fotos, dibujos, trabajos, pinturas, etc.También podremos apreciar un Pequeño cine club el cual tiene una exquisita selección de películas para amenizar nuestra semana.    5-11-2012 0:00:009-11-2012 0:00:0030-10-2012 7:46:02Licenciatura en URBANISMO UNAM355-semana-del-urbanismo-unam-2012Tahiri Trillanes tahiritri@gmail.comMexico CityMexico City, The Federal District, Mexico
122353CitycampBA about Interventions in Public SpaceASSOOTHE0200CityCamp is an unconference focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations. As an unconference, content for CityCamp is not programmed for a passive audience. Instead, content is created and organized by participants and coordinated by facilitators. Participants are expected to play active roles in sessions. This provides an excellent format for creative, open exchange geared toward action.The first CityCamp was held in Chicago, Illinois, 23-24 January, 2010. And the first one of Latam was held in Buenos Aires, 8 September. Now we are planning to do a new Citycamp in December 8th in "El Dorrego" place and it will be about "Interventions in Public Space". http://www.citycampba.com.arhttps://twitter.com/citycampbahttp://www.facebook.com/CityCampba?fref=ts8-12-2012 0:00:009-12-2012 0:00:0021-10-2012 23:40:27Chiripa and CitycampBA353-citycampba-about-interventions-in-public-spaceGuadalupe Urriticoecheaguadaurri@chiripa.orgBuenos AiresBuenos Aires
123352City Changers@ World Habitat Day Nigeria 2012NGOOPLAN0200I wish to inform that during the World Habitat Day in Nigeria held on October 18, 2012 at theTranscorp Hilton, Abuja, which was organized by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Developmentwe used to opportunity to create awareness on the Be a City Changer Movement. The event was well attended by major Stakeholders which includes the Honourable Minister of Youth Development,Prof Banji MRD - UN-HABITAT Nairobi and National Assembly Members as well as Mayors and Local Authorities.Please see attached some of the Pictures taken during the event and the Official Presentation of the City Changer T-Shirt to the Honourable of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, which was the highlight of the event.   www.facebook/uzohicc1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0020-10-2012 19:53:51UN-HABITAT Global Youth Program Nigeria352-city-changers-world-habitat-day-nigeria-2012Uzoh Ifeanyinigeriayouthhhabitatnt@yahoo.comAbujaAbuja
124351Africites 2012 - I'm a City Changer in AfricaASSOPLAN014.6927778-17.446666700000037I’m a City Changer in Africa will be launched at AFRICITIES Special Session entitled ‘I’m a City Changer in Africa – Change ta Ville en Afrique’ on Wednesday 5 December from 4.00 to 6.00 pm. The Senegalese Campaign “Defar Sama Deuk’ will be presented as the first campaign in Africa. Regional partners of the World Urban Campaign (UCLGA, ENDA, IAGU, AUA) will also discuss the Manifesto for Cities, and discuss the particular issues to be addressed in Africa. www.africites.org  5-12-2012 0:00:005-12-2012 0:00:0017-10-2012 17:32:50Africites351-africites-2012-im-a-city-changer-in-africarosa surisurinach@un.orgDakarDakar, Dakar, Senegal
125350Working with the 99%PRIVINCL038.7252993-9.150036399999976Contrary to popular belief, the Financial Crisis does not necessarily mean the decrease of architectural needs. This is particular meaningful in countries under stress such as Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal – where we are focusing this program. Without delving into the theme it is easy to predict that, in a short period of time, government measures will lead to a drastic change in the built environment all over the country, which already started. Unemployment rates, the bubble burst of the construction market and the increasing number of abandoned buildings and ruins are taking Portugal to a significant reorganization of the real estate property. Even though the real estate market tends to slow down, it doesn't mean that families are not moving more than ever. We may see it within families with fewer resources – although not for the best reasons. With the housing market and the territory, as argued, in ebullition, it is careless to declare that there's no architectural work in Portugal. The problem is not the lack of work, but the means of which to pay for the work of a qualified professional. This is our starting point. Architects must play a more significant role in people's life. Architects must be seen as a tool, to improve people's living conditions. How can architects work with people that do not have money – nor will have in the near future – to pay for our work? That is the emerging question. It seems that we can only succeed by placing architecture professionals at the epicentre, organizing and managing financial processes and funding. Until today, the construction process has been a relationship between three parties – owner, designers and builder –, now it most emerges a fourth party: the funder. This is on what ateliermob has been working on. We are initialising a program of social architecture services which intends to furnish architectural services to people with low resources. To do that we are preparing applications to national/EU funding and stimulating different sponsorship networks (as crowdfund, e.g.). Our first case study is the work we are starting at PRODAC Lisbon's neighbourhood. There are other areas to be announced.vimeo48727908http://ateliermob.com/@ateliermobhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/ateliermob/133550094867?ref=ts&fref=ts1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0017-10-2012 17:10:07ateliermob350-working-with-the-99Rita Aguiar Rodriguesinfo@ateliermob.comLisbonLisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
126349Foroba Yelen : Collective light for rural Mali PRIVGREE013.434586371251894-6.265665322753875The project aims to introduce off-grid lighting to rural areas of Africa by developing an appropriate technology inspired by cultural heritage. “Night is especially relevant in rural Africa and night activities intensify when moonlight allows what small individual sources, such as flashlights or petrol lanterns, can not. Unfortunately, the lack of an appropriate tool to overcome darkness constrain such activities to full Moon”, remarked Matteo Ferroni, architect and video-artist who created a collective lighting tool, following two years spent in rural communities of Mali. It is a portable solar lantern, owned by women and transportable by children, designed to enhance feminine entrepreneurship, education and social activities. The lamp was manufactured following the capacity of local artisans to foster sustainability, self-production and cultural assimilation,. After experiencing the light with a women collective and developing the LED technology with Nadlec lighting factory, we started the dissemination in the Commune Rurale de Cinzana through local association ADM Faso Gnietàa. In 2013 the institute of anthropology of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona will conduct a study to assess the social impact of the lights. The project was awarded with the Honorable Mention at the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2012, the prize by which the city of Barcelona recognizes those urban processes which led to a transformation of a city anywhere in the world.youtubecuI4GZxq09Y http://www.eland.org  http://www.facebook.com/eLandFoundation 1-1-1900 0:00:001-1-1900 0:00:0016-10-2012 23:09:42eLand349-foroba-yelen-collective-light-for-rural-maliJessica Ovonoinfo@eland.orgSegouSegou, Ségou Region, Mali
127348Semana Internacional del Urbanismo y Medio AmbienteASSOPLAN020.73870238773323-103.31204564526365Actividades propuestas por estudiantes para estudiantes. Desde reciclaje hasta mesas de dialogo y debates, un rally urbano. Todo para impulsar en los proximos desarrolladores urbanos una vision humana e incluyenteyoutubeUYQBjtgCU24http://www.facebook.com/anedup.mexico@aneduphttp://www.facebook.com/SIUMACUAAD7-11-2012 0:00:009-11-2012 0:00:0013-10-2012 3:56:02Asociación Nacional de Estudiantes de Diseño, Urbanismo y Planeación348-semana-internacional-del-urbanismo-y-medio-ambienteJulieta Huerta Vegaanedupmexico@gmail.comGuadalajara y JaliscoGuadalajara i Jalisco, Jalisco, Mexico
128347Semana del UrbanistaEDUCPLAN019.002793990305356-98.204579545755The event is the fourth edition of the Week Planner in the Faculty of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Puebla, Organised by the college students and Urbanism, to commemorate the International Day of urbanism, will feature lectures, panel topics, disciplinary forum and also a photo contest www.semanadelurbanista.tumblr.com@aneduphttps://www.facebook.com/SemanaDelUrbanista5-11-2012 0:00:009-11-2012 0:00:0012-10-2012 7:46:46Asociación Nacional de Estudiantes de Urbanismo y Planeación 347-semana-del-urbanistaAnedup pueblaanedup_puebla@hotmail.comHeroica Puebla de ZaragozaHeroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla, Mexico
129346Un poquito de sustentabilidadFRIEGREE019.4326077-99.13320799999997<p>El presente trabajo es realizado bajo la autorizaci&oacute;n y certificaci&oacute;n de los autores intelectuales: Sthefania Gutierrez Guadarrama Mario Barcella Non Damian Lino Gonzalez Dentro de este proyecto se pretende concientizar a la poblaci&oacute;n de peque&ntilde;as comunidades cercanas a adentrar sus estilos de vida a un modelo de sustentabilidad local. Con ello se pretende que la sociedad sea participativa y actue a favor de su medio ambiente.</p>     10-10-2012 0:00:0016-12-2012 0:00:0011-10-2012 19:02:45Sthefania Gutierrez Guadarrama346-un-poquito-de-sustentabilidadFaniechi_k_001@hotmail.comMexico CityMexico City, The Federal District, Mexico
130345Gestión CiudadanaPUBLINCL019.4326077-99.13320799999997Un programa inclusivo, en el que el principal gestor sea la ciudadanía. El objetivo es presentar a la poblacion propuestas de mejora desde un ambito local en primera instancia, porteriormente, analizar pros y contras de cada proyecto mediante escenarios principalmente. así mismo, la población elegirá el rumbo de su terriroio y sus formas de desarrollo. http://urbamarrur.wordpress.com https://twitter.com/maleniidiaz 11-10-2012 0:00:0013-10-2012 0:00:0011-10-2012 18:58:25